September 16, 2013

MIMM #11 9/16/2013

Happy Monday! Congrats to Monica who won my Protein Bakery giveaway! I hope you enjoy all the protein-packed goodies you'll be receiving soon!

I've been in a funk lately of having lots of things to do but end up not getting any of it done. This weekend was no different. I caught up with sleep, baked pumpkin donuts and bread, and ate a lot of food and did not drink enough water. I had a really nice run on Saturday morning minus a bathroom break that made the middle of my run uncomfortable .

Otherwise, I didn't really do much, which is nice, especially with the weekends starting to get booked as we move further into autumn. I still have loads to do so here is my game plan for getting back on track this week. 

1. Plan dinner each day. I've been kind of trying to wing it which leads to me feeling too lazy to actually cook something (i.e. frozen pizza for dinner last night) or just eating a tons of snacks which would be okay, but mine have lately involved lots of popcorn, peanut butter, and dark chocolate.

2. Create a manageable to-do list. I LOVE lists. I've been slacking on writing a weekly to-do list to actually stick to. I need to create goals of things to complete by the end of each day to break it up and make it easier to tackle.

3. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Starting the day well-rested and not rushing around to get to work makes everything better. 

4. Get less than fun errands taken care of quickly instead of putting them off. Checking something off the list that needs to get done once and for all, such as getting my routine bloodwork done for my GI doctor, will be very satisfying. Procrastinating makes me far more anxious in the long run. 

Since I pretty much bummed around and took it easy this weekend, I wasn't really on social media or even taking pics with my phone. Nonetheless, here is a recap of my marvelous  not-too-exciting weekend! 

Marvelous is pumpkin bread and how it fills your kitchen with a delicious pumpkin aroma that lingers for hours. I made this pumpkin bread and added mini chocolate chips. It is so moist and delicious that I predict it will not make it through the week!

Not so marvelous is not working on any homework therefore forcing myself to finish it all tonight. Boo, that's not going to be fun. 

Marvelous is lining the rim of a pint glass with cinnamon sugar (as you would salt for a margarita) and drinking pumpkin beer out of it. Try it, you won't be disappointed. 

Marvelous is getting fresh fruit smoothies at the farmer's market every Sunday. The past two weeks I've gone for the fruit smoothie as my snack, and it is really refreshing. This week I got a mango pineapple smoothie which was really tangy and not too sweet. I think I need to start making more fruit smoothies as snacks instead of my usual chocolate or vanilla post-workout ones. 

Marvelous is homemade beef burgers. I usually buy ground turkey as red meat replacement in recipes and eat beef when I'm out if I'm in the mood for it. I picked up some grassfed beef on sale a few weeks ago and finally pulled it out when I had a hankering for burgers this weekend. Grassfed beef tastes SO much better. I could have eaten literally three of those burgers. I was having tummy issues so I didn't eat it with a bun and instead had it with some carrot and sweet potato fries. I even made a copycat In-and-out burger special sauce I found  that was boyfriend approved. 


Marvelous is pumpkin spice M&Ms that I picked up at Target yesterday. They aren't super pumpkin-y flavored but are still so freaking yummy. No pic because the bag is ripped open and halfway gone. Oops. 

Not so marvelous/marvelous is Breaking Bad's new episode last night-sadness, anger, wtf?! Episode was bananas. I can't wait to see what is in store for the last two episodes. 

How was your weekend? Was it super busy or not that eventful?


  1. I love roasting veggies like that, it makes any meal delicious

    1. Roasted vegetables are the best. It's the only way I eat them unless I'm low on time!

  2. OMG those pumpkin spice m&ms!!! BF and I are on our second bag in two weeks...

    Also, pumpkin beer with cinnamon sugar; miss it like WHOA. Can't have the beer anymore thanks to gluten, but I remember my first one I got in a bar back east.... BLEW MY MIND.

    1. Yeah I need to hold off on buying anymore. They are crazy good.

  3. OMG those pumpkin spice m&ms!!! BF and I are on our second bag in two weeks...

    And I totally miss the cinnamon sugar rimmed pumpkin beers; no gluten anymore, but I remember having my first one back east a couple years ago. BLEW.MY.MIND.