July 29, 2013

MIMM #7 7/29/13

I had a pretty busy weekend again with lots of fun and got to catch up on errands and apartment cleaning yesterday along with packing for a mid-week getaway! Here are some of the marvelous highlights!
Marvelous is barbecues with friends on a summer afternoon including lots of watermelon.

Marvelous is Soy Delicious mint chip almond milk ice cream. Having tummy troubles this weekend but still craving real ice cream? No problem with this ice cream I picked up on sale at Whole Foods this weekend. It tastes like real mint chocolate chip ice cream with only the slight disappointment that it's white not green colored. It's a very dangerous purchase because it's already halfway gone!


Marvelous is having relaxing Sunday mornings involving the Farmer's Market, Zeke's iced coffee, and pancakes. 

Marvelous is getting huge balloons from the boyfriend that are seriously awesome and tie-dye and polka dotted. It was a good "I'm sorry" because I love balloons :)


Marvelous is running my longest distance ever (15 miles!) on Saturday with the marathon training group and feeling great. 

Marvelous is using leftover quinoa to make some protein filled clean chocolate chip cookies that were amazing (even the boyfriend approved)! I used this recipe except I doubled it , subbed the quinoa for the oatmeal, and added 1/4 cup of brown sugar.  SO GOOD. 

Marvelous is catching the end of the U.S. men's soccer team beat Panama in the Gold Cup on Sunday. Also soccer players are pretty attractive including the ever popular Landon Donovan. 

from nydailynews.com

I mean, look at those quads on Donovan!

Marvelous is having colorful running. I ran the Color Run Baltimore and wasn't sure if I'd do another race like it again, but I love running with friends so there will be more running involving color in my future.  I've jumped on the chance to team up with the Color me Rad 5K which involves running a getting coated in a cornstarch rainbow while running a 5K.   They are offering a special 48 discount code from Monday July 29 through Wednesday July 31. Use "radfun" when registering to get 20% off registration, no matter the price or location you choose.I definitely think races are getting pricey so take advantage of this offer if you've been wanting to try a fun run! 

The Baltimore race is 9/8/13 but check here for locations near you and take advantage of this discount if you want to register!

Marvelous is going to Atlantic City this week to celebrate my sister's belated birthday with sushi, drinks, and dancing (and hopefully some beach time!!!). Hello, mini vacation :)

What did you do this weekend? Did you attend a barbecue or have a really good run?


  1. congrats on your longest distance ever!! i did my longest distance so far this year on saturday as well! love your marvelous in my monday series, what a fun idea :)

    1. Thanks so much-I'm punped! Woohoo and congrats to you too!

  2. Congrats on distance PR, you are doing awesome with marathon training! And farmers market with coffee and pancakes sounds like heaven, consider me jealous! :):)

    This weekend was stuff around the house, and just kind of enjoying the lack of multiple commitments. I did a 5k yesterday that didn't feel fabulous BUT my easy miles on Saturday morning felt amazingly easy and perfect.

    1. Thank you-it's been smooth so far. I love when the miles feel easy-it's the best!

  3. those balloons look so fun. very smiling inducing!

  4. I've been meaning to try that icecream! Way to go on the long run!

  5. Aw! Love the balloons!

    Very busy weekend! A bridge run, retirement party, birthday party, and two days of Jaguars training camp. We were going to go to a food truck rally, but we were too exhausted.

    1. Whoa that does sound busy! The training camp sounds fun!