July 15, 2013

MIMM #5 7/15/13


Well, it's another MIMM   post today to start the week off. I've got a lot going on in my personal life lately so this weekend was pretty low-key and as always, went by too quickly. Here are some things that made my weekend marvelous (or less than marvelous)!

1. Marvelous is sushi dates. The bf and I split an eel roll, a sashimi platter, salad, and this amazing lollipop dish which was pretty much raw fish wrapped in cucumber slices on a stick. SO good.  Then we got some pie around the corner for dessert :)

2. Marvelous is baking cupcakes for my sister's birthday. These were chocolate bacon cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Baking or cooking is really relaxing for me if I'm not in a rush.  These were delicious by the way-I kept eating the frosting because it tasted just like fudge!


3. Speaking of fudge, marvelous is the chocolate GU gels. I've been a fan of chews more recently but found one of these from a race, and it was great during my run this weekend.  I only like certain flavors of GU, and my favorites are the vanilla and chocolate. 

4. Not so marvelous is getting in the car when you're already running late only to realize you barely have enough gas to get there.  Being low on gas stresses me out especially since the car was counting down how many miles of driving I had left. 

5. Marvelous is running without an iPod. It feels amazing to unplug. 

6. Not so marvelous is all this rainy weather. Still.  It doesn't even make it any less humid outside!

7. Marvelous is spending hours on the couch watching TV and cuddling on a rainy Saturday night. 

8. Marvelous is finding new awesome neighborhood cafes. I had a really yummy coffee and duck fat brioche with butter and jam. Crazy good. 


How was your weekend marvelous?


  1. Sushi, chocolate, and cupcakes... we could be great friends! For me, marvelous was getting to enjoy a Saturday at Six Flags with another couple, all of us child-free for the day. Great fun!

    1. Yes, I enjoy all three often :) Ah I haven't been to Six Flags in forever. I'm not really a roller coaster person, but it's always fun going there!

  2. I love the idea of running without an ipod!!! It would feel amazing to unplug. Gotta try that! Happy MiM!! xo Tara

    1. It actually provides me with more focus. I was running out in the woods, and it was really peaceful!

  3. I'm totally craving sushi now! I have been running without an ipod more often lately (mainly because I had to get used to it for triathlons) and I really like it. I love bee bopping to music and singing along but it is really nice to just unplug sometimes!

    1. I know- I might try to make some homemade sushi this week because I could eat it everyday! I used to dread when my iPod was dead or I forgot it but now I think it's great!