July 1, 2013

MIMM #3 7/1/13

Happy Monday! It will be happier once I get myself a cup of coffee.  The weather has been super muggy and rainy, but this week  and weekend was pretty good. I had an indulgent weekend visiting my family and am ready to get back on track and kick week 3 marathon training's booty! Here's what has been marvelous (or not so marvelous)!


Not so marvelous is leaving work late on a Friday afternoon. 

Not so marvelous is planning to head up to NJ to go to the shore on Saturday and find out the weather forecasts predicts rain and thunderstorms, like it has every day this past week!

Marvelous  is heading to the shore to hit the boardwalk anyways and having pleasant and rain-free weather!

Marvelous is having my mom's homemade blueberry pie twice for dessert this weekend.  It's so delicious with all the fresh Jersey blueberries.  Thank goodness she only packed me one slice to take home or I'd be eating it everyday this week for dessert too!

Marvelous is having my favorite pizza for lunch!

via my Instagram
Marvelous is taking my new flashy Brooks Ravennas out for my week two training's long run and feeling great, even with my legs being tight.  I've been running in more minimal Brooks Pureproject shoes so I wasn't sure how I'd feel with a little more support around my feet. I had run in them once for about 4 miles before but that's all so I was glad my test run went well this weekend. I think they are going to be great marathon shoes :)


Not so marvelous is that it's already July! Where is the summer going?!

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What was marvelous from your weekend?


  1. Glad you had good weather for boardwalk, and that pizza looks yummy!

    Marvelous was having a good solid triathlon training weekend! Long ride and long run!

    1. Pizza was so good. Ah congrats on your good training! Finishing that long run (or ride) is always the best feeling all week for me, even if it was hard!

  2. My marvelous was giving myself permission to not run and feeling so relieved about it. Weird right? I explained it on my blog :)

    I would love to be at the beach right now!

  3. Oh my goodness seeing that pizza is killing me. I'm STARVING and stuck in the library. Glad you had a great weekend, girl :) I always find myself getting off track when I'm with my family- it's like a special occasion to go nuts ;)

  4. Oh, that pizza looks so good! I would eat it right off the screen, if I could.

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  5. these thunderstorms that come on randomly have been such a bust lately