July 11, 2013

Marathon Training Week 3 Update

Time for a marathon training week 3 update!  I think I finally have a quick little format down for my updates along with a sweet graphic I made.  Also don't forget about my FrogFuel giveaway, it ends tonight at midnight! Thank goodness it is Thursday because this week I was swamped at work and need some R&R this weekend!


The Road to 26.2 -Marathon Training Week 3
Speedwork- I ran about 5.5 miles total including running down to the meeting spot for the group training run and then after to the bus stop.  We did 3x 1 mile repeats with 30 second rests in between. The first mile slower than marathon pace, the second at pace, and the third faster. I still really enjoy the speedwork training!

Tempo Run- I did a nice 6 mile run outside on 4th of July morning (the virtual race I mentioned here ). The weather is still disgustingly humid and hot, so I was drenched afterwards but my legs felt pretty good. 

Long Run- Our training group scaled back a bit this week and did 10 miles. It was supposed to be around 95 degrees on Saturday so we ran 2 5-mile loops and checked in with our coach in between to make sure we were staying hydrated and not suffering from heat exhaustion.  I did not drink enough water on Friday or get enough sleep so I was feeling pretty crappy by the end but managed to keep it around a 9 minute pace.  Under Armour was at the running store showing off their new Speedform shoes so they had free bagels, bananas, and coffee after the run which was pretty sweet!

I missed my recovery run on Sunday due to being stuck waking up too late and then running errands all day so I just decided to foam roll and call it a day! I also made it to Crossfit twice this week and felt good. 

What was awesome last week: I've been great at making sure to take some aminos after each workout or run to help with recovery.  Lately I've been loving my Fitmixer aminos in grape flavor and the BSN in the watermelon flavor.  The watermelon is a bit fizzy which is refreshing.  


What I need to work on this week: I need to get better at foamrolling and taking the time to stretch after each run and on rest days too! 

Today is going to be awesome by the way, because the bf made me a version of these blueberry lemon pancakes for breakfast this morning after waking me up to make sure I got my run in.  


However, if your day is not starting out awesome, you can get a free slurpee at 711 from 11-7 today. I got a slurpee after my tempo run last week and it was fabulous. I am usually a blue raspberry or coca-cola slurpee/icee kinda girl, but they had a lighter cherry limemade flavor that was the perfect treat to cool down with!

What is your favorite freezy treat? Did you have a good morning?

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  1. My fiance made me pancakes the other morning and it was a super nice treat!