May 15, 2013

I'm going to Disney World!

Hello, Happy Hump Day to you all! I won't be posting for a few days because soon I'm leaving for Disney World! Sadly it's not for a Disney running event, just a vacation #runnerproblems. I've been a few times so I know the basics, and my sister is slightly obsessed and has become a walking tour guide to Disney.  I'm most excited to ride some rides, wear Minnie ears, and act like a five year old. 

 I'm going to try to get some great AM runs in but of course will be enjoying myself in the happiest place on earth. I'm going to try to eat pretty on point during the day and treat myself to things I really want aka LIVING.   I think it's really important on vacation to unplug and that means not checking my phone or email or social media.  While I do dread coming back to literally hundreds of emails (mostly junk) and sorting through them, getting a chance to not be stressed out by the interwebs for a few days is way worth it!

I might tweet a bit because it's so fast and easy on my phone (so follow me @BreatheBlog for tweets!) but that's it!Getting disconnected and spending quality time with people at leisure is rare these days so it's important to remember that twitter and blogs and Facebook will all still be there when you get online again.  

Any suggestions for fun things to do or place to eat in Disney World? 


  1. Have a great time at Disney! I can't offer many suggestions, I've been twice BUT they were both 10-15 years ago. All I remember is Magic Kindgom is awesome, and I loved the trolley ride thing through the jungle in Animal Kingdom!

    1. It's all good! I've never done the jungle trolley though!

  2. Have the BEST time!!! I'm obsessed with magic kingdom. By far my favorite park, probably because I'm a chicken and too afraid to do any of the big rides haha