February 20, 2017

4 Reasons Why I'm Using Collagen Peptides {Vital Proteins Review & Giveaway}

Disclosure: I was 2 complimentary tubs of Vital Proteins for review. The giveaway is fulfilled by Vital Proteins. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own. 

Like me, you may have read or heard of people (particularly in the paleo crowd) taking gelatin for health benefits such as a drinking bone broth. However, you may be wondering what do gelatin or collagen peptides actually do? Gelatin, like that JELL-O stuff?  

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and collagen peptides have the same amino acids as gelatin, however they are just processed differently.
Collagen peptides are hydrolyzed a.k.a. broken down into smaller amino acid chains so they are more easily digestible (I will forever be a chemistry nerd so I LOVE learning about food science). 

I had heard of Vital Proteins from reading about them on various blogs, and then had the chance to talk to the lovely people at the Vital Proteins booth and snag some samples at Natural Products Expo East 2016. Vital Proteins was nice enough to send me a tub of their collagen peptides and collagen beauty greens to try out. 


The Collagen Peptides powder in the blue container come from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hides so they are not vegetarian. At first I thought it was a little weird that it was powder from cows, but after that initial moment of weirdness now I love how they are a natural and sustainable source of protein.

The green container of Collagen Beauty Greens contains marine collagen peptides along with greens, probiotics and skin healthy helpers like hyaluronic acid, all in a yummy coconut vanilla flavored powder. 


Because collagen is a protein in our own hair, skin, nails, bones, cartilage, and joints, the powder will help all of these parts of our body. Besides containing protein, studies show that collagen peptides can improve gut health, skin health, bone and joint health, and hormonal balance. There is a lot of research out there on the use of collagen for hair and skin health, which I found from just doing a quick search of a research database.

I've been taking the collagen peptides about 4x a week (mostly because there are always a few crazy days where I am rushing out the door), and the collagen beauty greens more sporadically. It's hard to tell from only a month, but I think my hair and nails look healthier and less brittle. 

So now that you know a little bit about collagen peptides, why have I been using them? 


1. They are easy to take every day.

The collagen peptides are dissolvable and unflavored (no, they do not at all taste beefy). I most often easily mix a scoop in with my coffee or tea in the morning-I can’t even taste that it was added. I have also mixed collage peptides into smoothies, juices, yogurt, and oatmeal. I’m not a huge protein powder person lately so I love that these can dissolve in both hot and cold beverages easily and add a nice protein boost to whatever I'm drinking. 


2. Collagen peptides are great for my bone health.

After my stress fracture I was interested in focusing on my bone and joint health. While the DEXA scan I had showed normal bone density, I figured supplementing and ensuring strong bones and joints couldn’t hurt. Basically bones are made up of minerals and collagen fibers. Collagen makes up 90% of our bones so ingesting collagen peptides may help bone metabolism and help increase bone density. You can read more research claims here. This is one of the bigger reasons why I started using collagen peptides. 

3. Vital Protein products are natural and not full of junk. 

Literally the only ingredient in Vital Proteins collagen peptides is collagen peptides, so I know exactly what I am ingesting. You can read on their website about how they exclusively produce their collagen peptides in Brazil because their cows don’t have hormones too. 


4. Skin health is important to me.

No matter how young I look or feel, I am getting older every year (and quickly approaching 30, eek). My body will continue to change and dreaded wrinkles (or what I will call my happy lines) will one day in the future start to appear. I have always been conscious of my skin health after having to go to a dermatologist and have some suspect moles removed starting at a young age, but making sure my skin looks great as I age is important too. If I can supplement with collagen and get the added bonus of helping out my skin, that is a win-win for me. 

So if you are interested in adding collagen or collagen peptides to your diet check out Vital Proteins. They offer all different sizes of products including travel-sized pouches and free shipping in the U.S. 

Vital Proteins was nice enough to offer (1) 10 oz. tub of their Collagen Peptides to giveaway to one reader. Enter the Rafflecopter below (U.S. residents only, sorry!) before the giveaway ends on March 6 at 12 AM EST.

Have you ever taken a collagen supplement? Have you read about gelatin or collagen supplements before? 


  1. Very interesting! Ive read about collagen supplements before but never really understood the benefits or tried them. Sounds like they can be really helpful!

  2. I'm 30 and it's time I started to take care of my skin. I have a little bit wrinkles on my eye and I'm looking for some types of collagen. The ingredients of Vital Protein seems to be clean. Maybe I'll buy one

  3. I haven't taken a collagen supplement but really want to try one. I think it would help my bone health as well as my joints and tendons (especially after two bouts of tendonitis in the last three months).

  4. I haven't taken collagen supplements in the past, but I am very interested in learning more about this product. I like that you outlined so many of the benefits of the product in your blog.

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  7. I've never taken collagen before but I've been super intrigued lately. I need to bite the bullet and just buy a pack of it!

  8. I do a gelatin/collagen every morning. It's such an easy thing to do for yourself!

  9. I shall share it to my wife. I'm not familiar with beauty products. I think she will be interested in it

  10. I have taken collagen supplements before. Some I've seen a difference in my hair and nails and others I haven't seen much of a difference.
    I love reading up on products like collagen and gelatin that our good for our overall health, plus our skin, hair and nails.������

  11. I take a protein supplement, but I've never taken collagen before. Dying to try it!

  12. Yes, I love VP!

  13. I have not taken a collagen supplement before, but would like to try them.

  14. I rarely use beauty products so I have little knowledge about them. This helps me a lot. I will consider using it. Thanks!

  15. Have I ever taken a collagen supplement? No I have't but would like to try the 10 oz. tub of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides.

    Have I read about gelatin or collagen supplements before? No not that I can remember.

  16. have read about them, but haven't tried them yet. I do make bone broth though with the bones that have a lot of cartilege.
    I'd like to try this!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway.


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