December 19, 2016

8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

I seriously can't believe it's the week of Christmas. SERIOUSLY. Between moving, bouncing around between doctor's and physical therapy appointments, plus finals, this past month has moved crazy fast. Luckily I have done some online shopping plus braved the crowds at Target this weekend so I only have a couple gifts left to purchase.  

If you have been mostly shopping deals to buy presents for yourself and now need to finish all your shopping in T-7 days, here are some great last-minute gift ideas for you! 


I shared lots of products that you can purchase on Amazon because I'm an Amazon Prime addict with that free 2-day shipping. You can't beat getting things in 2-days if you are short on time!  Check out some of my favorite items for runners, yogis, and any other fit fans in your life. 


8 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Fitness Fans

1.  Believe or Complete Training Journal and Believe Logbook

I have been using the Believe Training Journal for the past two years to record my weekly workouts, log my miles, and write down my goals and progress.  I love that it includes articles on different topics like goal-setting and nutrition. This year I was given the chance to review the Complete Training Journal and Believe Logbook


The Complete Training Journal is a souped-up version of the Believe Training Journal and focuses more on competitions and tracking progress towards goals and races more in-depth. The Believe Logbook offers an open and customizable, minimalist workout logbook with an annual calendar. 

All three are also available on Amazon with Prime shipping: Believe, Compete, Believe Logbook

2. Namast'ay in Bed candle

The Brooklyn Artists and Fleas Market is open Saturdays and Sundays in Williamsburg, BK and carries this cheeky 100% natural soy wax candle from the 125 Collection. The candle is hand-poured in NY and features one of my favorite quotes-perfect for the yogi (or sleepyhead) in your life.  

If you're not near Brooklyn, you can order the candle from the store's Etsy site

3. Foam roller/Massager like the Moji Foot Massager 

Foam rollers and massagers are great gifts for fit friends to give themselves some TLC and relieve some aches and pains from working hard in the gym or on the road. The Moji Foot Massager is an awesome massager 

The Moji Foot can be purchased on their website, Amazon, Brookstone, Charm City Run stores in MD, Target or other retailers near you. You can get foam rollers everywhere nowadays including Amazon, sporting stores, running stores, and even places like Marshalls. 


4. Boody wear shirts, leggings, and baby onesie. 

Boody wear is an organic, eco-friendly and incredibly soft clothing basics company. I first found out about the company at this year's Natural Products Expo East. Boody was nice enough to let me try out one of their short sleeve tees. It's one of the softest and most comfortable ones I own! I love that their clothing is made from organic toxic free bamboo plants which means it's also moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, hypo-allergenic, and thermo-regulating. Also the baby onesies they have are adorable too. 

You can see if Boody wear is carried in any stores near you or you can order on the Boody website (free shipping over $49). Boody is also on Amazon (check out the leggings and the baby onesie).  

5. Nuun Hydration Tablets

Nuun is the an electrolyte table that is all plant-based and gluten-free. It's the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the athlete in your life. My favorite flavors are watermelon, strawberry lemonade, and cherry limeade energy. 


You can order on the Nuun website or various sites including Amazon and can also buy in various sporting stores, Whole Foods, Target and wherever else it is carried near you. 

6. Gundalow Juice

Baltimore's own Gundalow Juice is a great gift for anyone and great for sneaking in some fruits & veggies in between all the Christmas cookies. There is an awesome Gundalow Cocktail Kit or just go ahead and order a pack of juices. 


Order from their website for free shipping in the U.S. 

7. Feetures! running socks

Running socks make a great gift or stocking stuffer for anyone who gets their sweat on. Feetures! are my favorite wicking socks for working out plus I've been loving their elite merino wool socks which keep my feet warm all winter! Plus Feetures! socks are backed my a lifetime guarantee-can't beat that. 


Find Feetures! on their website (free 2-day shipping through 12/20!), Amazon, running stores like Charm City Run, or other local retailers near you

8. Gift cards
If it's really last minute, gift cards are an easy option. To make it more personal, get one to the person's favorite running store, a store that is a treat to make a purchase at (ahem, Lululemon), the coffee shop they always go to, or even register them for a race that you know they always run (if you can sneakily make sure they plan on running this year!).  

What is on your holiday wish list? Do you do mostly online or in-person holiday shopping?


  1. I won the Complete Training Journal ina giveaway this month and I cannot wait to start using it! I have used the Believe training journal the past two years and love it!

    1. Yes,despite all the online tracking available there is something special about a handwritten journal to track my training!