September 26, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 12 & 13 Recap

Things are winding down for marathon training which is crazy. I can't believe the Chicago Marathon is 2 weeks away-let the anxiety start to set in (kidding, it already has!). Things have been chugging along in training as usual though.  Here's a recap of weeks 12 & 13 of my Chicago Marathon training. 


Marathon Training 2016 Week 12 (9/5-9/11)
Monday: breezy  morning miles in Charleston, 8.0 miles
I found a nice paved trail to run on called the West Ashley Greenway.  I love signs like this that always say where places can technically take you-apparently the greenway can take me from Maine to Florida! 

Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: November Project-Baltimore workout and run there/back , 6.0 miles 
Thursday:  30 minutes of upper body lifting and planks
Friday: Treadmill tempo run, 7.0 miles
Saturday:  1 hour yoga sculpt class +CorePower Yoga - ended up feeling overheated and not great the rest of the day 
Sunday: Long run where I felt sluggish and it felt hard #strugglebus, 21.0 miles
I don't know if it was a touch of something this weekend that started up after yoga, but it sucks to have such a good 20 miler a couple weeks before and then have this 21 miler that felt pretty crappy. I got the miles in with friends so that's all I can be grateful for. 

Total miles: 42.0

Marathon Training 2016 Week 13 (9/12-9/19)
Mondayeasy morning run by the harbor, 5.2 miles
Tuesday:  Treadmill progressive mile repeats and warm-up/cool down, 6.1 miles
Wednesday: November Project-Baltimore  workout (8.0), 5.2 miles
Thursday:  Tempo Thursday run with 4 tempo miles-felt strong and mentally stayed positive, 8.0 miles
Friday: 20 minutes upper body strength training and easy treadmill run, 3.25 miles 
Saturday: Coaching a training group at CCR, 3.64 miles-felt kinda nauseous and tired afterwards
Sunday: Philly Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon race plus 2 extra miles, 15.2 miles
I'll post the recap later this week, but I had a FABULOUS race and felt strong! 


Total miles: 46.59

Feeling a weird touch of illness or just worn down on Saturday for both weekends means I really need to take care of myself and try to get more sleep and recovery time in, especially as I enter taper. Sometimes I forget how much running and training can take a toll on your body, especially when I'm running around working, coaching, going to school full-time, and feeling stressed out. Also I've reached the peak of my training so all of that work and running can add up on how it is affecting your body. I do NOT want to get sick right now! 

I am really happy with my weekly mileages for these two weeks as well as that I got in some quality tempo runs.  It always feel good when I can run my race pace easily especially inthe middle of lots of busy weeks. The Philly RNR race was a huge confidence booster as I go into my taper part of the training.  

 How is your training going?  Have you done any races lately?

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  1. Woohoo!!! You've completed the hardest part of running a marathon - the last few long runs! I did Chicago in 2012 and it is still my absolute most favorite race of all times. Enjoy the taper - try not to get the taper crazies. Because they are REAL. So excited for you!

  2. Way to go girl! You are going to rock Chicago. We are only two short weeks away! Woohoo :)

  3. I can't believe it is two wks away! Sorry to hear your 21 miler did not feel the greatest. Hope you get some rest so you can feel strong and ready to go!

  4. It sounds like your training is going so well! And its better to have a bad training run than a bad race, right?:) Rest up and get excited!

  5. Awesome miles! I can't believe it's only two weeks away!

  6. Great two weeks - I've been feeling extremely tired as well. We've earned our rest. Hope to see you in Chicago race weekend!

  7. I'm right there with you on not being able to believe Chicago is in (less than) two weeks. I feel like this training cycle has FLOWN by. When I got my participant ticket in the mail yesterday, it felt so surreal. I'm excited for race day, though!

  8. Yes ma'am take extra care of yourself during these couple of weeks leading up to your race! It is hard to slow down sometimes. Good luck in your race Lauren!!

  9. It was great seeing you in Philly! Glad the race was a confidence booster. I can't wait to see how you do in's almost here! Fingers crossed that you stay healthy, I think something's going around with the changing of the seasons.

  10. It's great you had a strong race at RnR Philly. I can imagine that would be a huge confidence booster. Chicago will be my first race since May, except for a few sprint triathlons. I feel rusty and out of practice. It's all about the taper now. Let's enjoy. Thanks for linking, Lauren!