August 31, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training 2016 Weeks 7,8,9 Recap

I know I keep being shocked that Chicago is getting closer and closer, but I seriously cannot believe that October is just about a month away. I've been trying my best to stick to my training plan despite lots of travelling and have been feeling pretty good with all of the running I've been doing, despite pretty much sweating buckets every time I workout. Honestly, that's really nothing new. Here's a recap of weeks 7-9 of my Chicago Marathon training. 


Marathon Training 2016 Week 7 (8/1-8/7)

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: solo speedwork: 6x yasso 800s, 7.25 miles
Wednesday: November Project Baltimore workout and run, 5.5 miles
Thursday:  track Thursday run and 30 minute of strength, 5.0 miles
Friday: AM November Project Baltimore hills run & PM BOMF relay race, 6.8 miles total
Saturday: hot & humid easy paced long run #sportsbrasquad, 17.0 miles
Sunday: easy and hot recovery run, 4.0 miles

Total miles: 45.55<-- made it into the 40 mile club for the week! 

Marathon Training 2016 Week 8 (8/8-8/14)
Monday: strength/lifting at the gym
Tuesday: AM tempo run, 8.0 miles
Wednesday: AM November Project Seattle workout, PM trail run in Seattle at Discovery Park, 7.6 miles 
Thursday:  waterside run in Seattle, 5.5 miles
Friday: November Project Vancouver pop-up workout 1.1 miles
Saturday:SEAWHEEZE lululemon half marathon (Half marathon #20!), 13.2 miles
Sunday: post-Seawheeze recovery run, 4.0 miles

Total miles: 39.4

November Project Seattle workout at Gasworks Park
Marathon Training 2016 Week 9 (8/18-8/21)
Monday: AM easy run in New Westminster, BC, PM: Grouse Grind, 4.2 miles for the run
Tuesday:  hikes in vancouver
Wednesday: Rest-travel day
Thursday:  Treadmill easy miles and 20 minutes upper body weightlifting, 5 miles
Friday: treadmill tempro progression run, 5.0 miless
Saturday:long run with 3x2 MRP almost on target, 16.0 miles
Sunday: Rest

Total miles: 33.2

At the top of the Quarry Rock hike looking over Deep Cove in Vancouver, BC
Still need to work on doing more yoga and stretching. It as also a little tough after travelling and coming back to get back into the groove of things. Taking a red eye in the middle of the week back from Vancouver really threw things off in Week 9 of training. I kind of just held on to make it through that week and took and extra rest day and decided to attempt to reset over the weekend.  

Obviously my trip to Seattle & Vancouver plus still getting in my long run mileage while travelling was a definite high. I was also happy with getting some speedwork workouts and tempo miles consistently in during the past few weeks. I also really want to try to make speedwork more consistent in my weekly schedule from this point on because while not my most fun workouts, they do make me feel stronger. 

How do you bounce back after a vacation? How is your training going? 

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  1. rock star - I'm so happy you are running Chicago - it's gonna be great!!! Your pictures from Vancouver are just gorgeous :)

  2. You've had quite a few busy weeks! So awesome that you ran Seawheeze! :)

  3. So excited for you to kill it in Chicago! It's a little tough to fit in runs while traveling but it does make for some pretty gorgeous views and a change of scenery.

  4. So excited for you running Chicago! It's my hometown and was my first (and 6th) marathon. I'll be at mile 13 cheering for you!

  5. Congrats on the 40 mile club- that is awesome and looks like you're really rocking training. I agree that getting back into the groove after traveling and vacation is no easy feat!

  6. Way to get in those runs while traveling! That's my biggest goal this coming month :)

  7. Looks like your training is going well. How is Chicago only a mth away? I need to up my mileage. Great job on that 17 miles. I need to do that soon.

  8. Getting back into it after vacation was easier for me than I thought it would be. It's like I needed the break while I was on vacation but I was totally ready to get back at it as soon as we got home.

    Awesome photo!

  9. congrats you! That looks like your training is going well. So interested for you running Chicago!