July 27, 2016

Chicago Marathon Training Weeks 3&4

It's time for another recap of how marathon training has been going. I've been travelling a ton so my schedule has been kind of all over the place with lots of resting/travel days thrown in. 

I still can't believe I'm already weeks into training and got my corral assignment for the Chicago Marathon this week. I'm in C again like last year. Corral C party anyone? That definitely gives me a twinge of anxiety knowing that race day is approaching quicker than I think! 


Marathon Training 2016 Week 3 (7/4-7/10)

Monday: #traverbal to November Project DC (1.0 mile plus lots of burpees!)
Tuesday: 5K Coaching Group and hill workout, 5.8 miles
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday:  Tempo Run in Boston along Charles River, 6.2 miles
Friday: Summit Ave hills with November Project Boston and SARAH :)
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 15.0 miles for long run split into morning and afternoon runs. Made the afternoon run route so that I stopped at Blackbird donuts because #motivation. 

Total miles: 34.0


Marathon Training 2016 Week 4 (7/11-7/17)
Monday: November Project Boston Destination Deck Workout + run there/back, 4.2 miles
Tuesday: 5K Coaching group and Shack Track and Field Run, 6.7 miles 
Wednesday: November Project Baltimore Pokemon BAL_1 workout with lots of stairs!, 5.0 mi
Thursday:  Rest
Friday: November Project Summit Workout, 3.2 miles
Saturday:#ECSON Marathon Relay at Blue Mountain, hilliest 10K ever plus some easy extra miles, 10.7 miles
Sunday: Rest

Total miles: 29.8

Travelling for a volunteer weekend in Boston and then #NP_Summit threw off my schedule a little bit, but I think things went fine despite having to be flexible and taking some more rest.  I try not to stress and just fit in most of my workouts if I can when travelling. I didn't fit in all 13 miles on Saturday for Week 4 but that hilly 10K makes up for it in my mind! Definitely need to foam roll more and drink more water for real. 

Getting to run with Sarah and go to November Project Boston twice and then getting to go to NP Summit were amazing. I'll recap NP Summit sometime soon when I figure out something to say besides OMGITWASAWESOME.  It was really great getting to run in different places, challenge myself with some workouts, and hang out/workout with different people these past couple of weeks.  
Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Ontario. Yup we ran up that hill. 
How do you deal with training when you are travelling? 


  1. LOVED seeing you in Boston and cannot wait to see you in TWO MORE DAYS!

  2. Corral C! Very nice! I'm in Corral H. It'll be my first year not in Corral G, but they made the standards faster to be in Corral G than in previous years, and since I plan to run a marathon three weeks before Chicago, I'm a-ok with being in Corral H, since my time goals will be basically nonexistent for Chicago this year.

    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    1. Well girl, you're running a marathon right before so ENJOY Chicago. Fingers crossed for the next two months that the weather is nice!

  3. You are going to kill Chicago!!! I'm so excited for you!

  4. I'm so jealous that you are running Chicago again! I sure wish I could do it this year. Hoping that some time off training will give my feet a break and ready to hit the pavement next year!

    I always manage to train, even on vacation. Sometimes I have to move certain runs around--usually my long runs!

    1. Aw definitely rest up, Chicago will be there next year!