June 14, 2016

Pre-Marathon Training Feelings in Gifs

Whew, I can't believe it's already halfway through June. I also realized a couple weeks ago when reading the latest issue of Runner's World, that yikes! I need to start marathon training next week to be ready for first the Chicago Marathon in October.   Registering for the marathons months ago was the easy part.  Now it's time to run through my feelings about impending marathon training the past couple of weeks, in gifs! 

Pre-Marathon Training Feelings in Gifs

1. I'm running a marathon (or 2) this Fall-it's going to be great, no big deal


2. When I realize I need to start training next week. WHAT?!


3. I think about waking up really early to beat the heat and get my runs done early in the morning for the next 16 weeks. All by choice!


4. I begin to try to figure out a marathon training plan and schedule my runs for the next 4 months. I can't believe I am doing this for fun. 


5.  When I take a moment to breathe and realize I'm a boss who's run 3 marathons before, and I've got this.  #SLAY


Anybody else starting a new training plan or gearing up to tackle fall goals? 


  1. Super creative post! I think we all can relate to these!

  2. haha i love this! I have no time to do anything, but i do it for fun! exactly

  3. i can relate to that modern family one so much hahah

  4. I love this! I think you perfectly captured those pre-marathon feels. That third one is my life every morning I wake up early to run!

  5. Omg YES. Especially the willingly waking up early to get long runs in.

  6. Bah ha ha ha! THOSE MEMES were utter perfection! Seriously, hahahahahaha!! Honestly, if I were to ever run a marathon, I would schedule it for, I don't know.... March? SO I could train all Winter because I would MUCH rather be COLD then hot, that's for sure!