April 21, 2016

Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Miler 2016 Race Recap

Disclosure: I was a social media ambassador for the CUCB 10 Mile Run and received complimentary entry with an upgrade into the race. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

It's been so crazy with school, work, and travelling that I'm happy to finally get back into a little bit of a blog routine! It has been two years since I've run the Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run and running it again only reminded me how much I love this race.  Despite high winds and cold temperatures this year, I had a fabulous time.  Thank you so much to CUCB for letting me be a part of the race as one of the social media ambassadors! 

Cherry Blossom Ten Miler 2016 Race Recap

Pre-race: I actually stopped by the expo Friday afternoon to beat the rush and grab my bib despite coming back to the expo on Saturday.  The expo was in the beautiful National Building Museum again and everything ran smoothly.  


I was hanging out at the ZOOMA Race Series booth for a while but first I stopped by to see Meb speak. The line that was forming on the right was really short so I hopped in to meet him afterwards. As everyone says, he comes off as such a nice guy. I wish they had the mic a little louder because it was hard to hear! 


I also can't freaking believe I met MEB! He's an American hero! He is also the nicest guy and after he signed an autograph, and I started gushing about how I watched the whole Olympic trials and explained to my boyfriend everything that was going on like a nerd, he gave me a spontaneous hug. MADE MY DAY. 


The next day I was lucky enough to have a hotel room in DC so I popped back over to expo to pick something up and decided to hop into the line to meet Joan Benoit Samuelson, the first ever women's Olympic marathon champion and all-around badass femalre runner, because the line was short.  Here's us just having a totally normal conversation. No I'm not gushing and nervously talking about getting a BQ in Chicago. (I'm the nerdiest.)  


That night I got to attend the VIP Elite dinner and finally got to meet all of the other social media runners and ambassadors I haven't met yet.  The joke of dinner was how all the elites were sneaking out to go to bed and get a good night's sleep. Instead I stayed the whole time and then went out for a drink with my friend in DC because #priorities. 


That day we had gotten an email that because of predicted high winds of 25+ mph and maybe up to 50 mph, that the race was not having any signage on the course as a safety precaution. The weather was supposed to also be in the 30s which is just lovely. Isn't it supposed to be spring? I dressed warmer than I probably could have but wasn't really having any of this cold weather.  I also did what you really shouldn't do for a race and wore my brand new New Balance kicks. Rebel


Race: Besides the wind and cold temperatures, the race start was a beautiful morning.  The start was a little hectic with no signage but the volunteers did a great job. I will say that the big open area around the Washington Monument was the windiest part!


I did a little jog to the start line and pretty much stood around like this until getting in my corral: 

I came into the race with really no time goals and was just going to try to run around 7:45 pace.  Miles 1-4 I was feeling pretty good. The first mile was a little crowded but things started to break up, and we weren't running much against the wind.  I took it easy and allowed my legs to start to warm up.  

Miles 5-8 I really was in a groove. The course is pretty fast and flat so my pace sped up a bit. My breathing and everything felt really relaxed. I was just in the groove and decided to stay where I was at.  I saw some friends along the out and back stretches which was always fun. I ended up running with some November Project DC people for most of these miles and used them as kind of pacers, plus they were hilarious. We even broke out into a little Living on a Prayer at mile 5 when we were "halfway there!". 

Ugh if I felt some discomfort anytime during the race it was from Miles 9-10 at Hains Point. Here we were running into the wind which was not awesome. I totally was trying to push to keep my pace, but definitely slowed down.  I actually love the 10 mile distance and this race reminded me of that.  I ended up finishing in 1:15:43, 7:34 pace which is two minutes off my PR which I set on this course a few years ago

I'm really freaking happy with how this race went.  I felt so good during the whole thign until the end and was happy with how I raced. I could have probably pushed it a little more, but I had FUN. With the weather and wind, I was not expecting to have such a fun race. Just goes to show me how much I love the Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10 Miler!

No race day is complete with a brunch and a mimosa.  I ended up grabbing some food at Busboys & Poets later with my boyfriend and best friend to cap off and awesome morning.   Sidenote, I think the medal is really cute but could be a little better quality. It's awesome that this race lets you pay for an upgrade to the tech tee, but the also allow you to buy a medal, which some people aren't aware about. 

Overall, I love the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and running in DC for the first time in a while. It's a fabulously organized race, beautiful course, and definitely a great place for a PR!

How do you deal with windy conditions? If you raced, link up here


  1. I can't believe you ran that fast in those conditions! I obviously didn't run but just being there hanging out at the finish line with Kaitlin practically blew me over. I guess you'd want to run fast to get out of the cold fast ;)

    1. Yeah it was pretty cray. And yes, definitely running to get outta the cold wind haha

  2. My daughter and I took a trip to DC 2 years ago and I feel so blessed to have had that privilege--what a beautiful city! Congrats on having a great race! Super jealous that you got to meet Meb and Joan Benoit-Samuelson.

    I definitely need to add this one to my bucket list.

  3. I heard that this race was really tough with the wind. And you did amazing! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! The wind was no joke, but I still had a great time!

  4. I met Meb about three weeks before my second marathon, and when we were talking he asked me if I was running Chicago (that's why he was in town, for a pre-Chicago event). I said I was an he gave me a high five, which was seriously the coolest thing...ever. Haha. Congrats on your race, though! Windy conditions don't make race day much fun at all, so way to go!

    Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

  5. Awesome job! Way to kick butt during that crazy weather. It definitely seems like the whole experience was amazing - especially meeting Meb and Joan! I hope to get in through the lottery next year because I basically just want to run allll the DC races.

  6. Woo awesome race! i love reading other race recaps, especially as I gear up for races of my own (first marathon a month from today-eeeeek!) Wind always makes the race so much harder for me.

  7. I ran the race too- definitely a windy one! Congrats on the PR that's awesome! I will say this was my first 10 miler and I loved the course, and definitely want to try to do it again (and PR)! I do agree about the medal...it was cute but felt very flimsy!