December 2, 2015

Why VIP Packages for Rock 'n' Roll Races are Awesome {RNR Philly 2015}

Disclaimer: I received a free 3-pack Tourpass and one complimentary VIP package through my Rock ‘n’ Blog ambassadorship. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

In case you missed my recap, I ran the Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon this year through my Rock 'n' Blog ambassadorship. I was also lucky enough to get a complimentary VIP pass for the race.  The RNR VIP packages all slightly vary race to race, so this is obviously based solely on my experience for the Philly half marathon event. 

Obviously I was excited to get to be a VIP for the race, but honestly I was a bit skeptical if it was going to actually seem like it was worth the $69 price tag. FYI, prices and specific VIP perks vary based on race/location! 

Spoiler alert, in the end I was really happy with the VIP race experience and all of the perks. Check out all of the reasons to look into this rockstar treatment for your next Rock 'n' Roll race! 


I picked up my wrist band quickly at the VIP booth during the expo. It came with information regarding all the perks and schedule of race events. The next morning after getting downtown and to the race area, I headed right to the VIP area with my wristband on.  


1. VIP gear check. 
The private outdoor VIP area was open from 6:30 AM to 12 PM and was located right by  the finish line in a great spot. I headed there right before the race to drop of my bag at the VIP gear check which was AWESOME because I could wait until the last minute to drop off my bag and head to my corral.


2. VIP Port-a-Pottys. Enough said. 
More importantly, it was awesome because it had private VIP RESTROOMS. The bane of any runner's post-race existence is waiting for a port-a-potty and hoping not to miss the start. Having a set of port-a-pottys just for VIP pre and post race was a huge perk. 
 I mean look how short that line was when I hopped in?!


3. Pre-race fuel station. 
Since I was in a bit of a hurry I grabbed a banana and half a bagel from the VIP lounge's pre-race continental breakfast which included coffee, tea, fruit, water, and breakfast breads and pastries.


4. VIP Lounge Area right next to the finish line. 
Immediately after I finished the race I walked to the VIP area which again was conveniently located right by the finish with a lovely view of the art museum. Not walking far after the race gets a big thumbs up.  


5. Free 10 minute massages post-race. 
There were only a few runners in the VIP lounge at the time so I quickly made a bee-line for the free 10-minute massages thanks to Westin and PhilaMassage. I signed the list and was immediately able to lay down on a bed due to the lack of line.  My calves were cramping up so getting a 10 minute massage felt like heaven. 

Big thumbs up to that. 
 6. An awesome post-race buffet brunch spread.  
For post-race eats, they had a catered buffet spread which was more impressive than I thought it would. I'm talking eggs, french toast, mini southwest egg wraps, sausage and bacon! 


7. Plus there is a post-race VIP beer so you can celebrate and get your drink on.  
Let's not forget the post-race VIP bar. I'm talking unlimited Michelob Ultras,sodas, Gatorade and my drink of choice-mimosas! 


8. Post-race shuttle back to Headquarter Hotel
Something else I took advantage of was the post-race shuttle back to the Loews Hotel Philadelphia which put me closer to the train station I needed to be at. I had just missed the shuttle and had to wait an extra 30 minutes (hello extra mimosa + 2 cups of coffee) but the staff person was really helpful and made sure I got on the next one! 


Overall, I think the VIP Package is really awesome. I thought the VIP area was well-organized and not crowded at all. It was really nice to be able to relax and hangout in the area with a massage, food, and drinks after the race. If you are on a budget like I am it might just be something you do once a year for a big race or celebration because of the price. It would be a great gift for a friend (hint, hint a great Christmas gift)!

Have you ever done a VIP package for a race? What is a perk you would like the most after in a race? 

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  1. I've never done a VIP race package but this sounds great! The post race massage seems like a really nice perk.

  2. I've done it at a couple of races. I enjoyed the extra perks and it's really great for big races. I have to say I enjoyed the post race massage at RnR St. Louis.

    1. The massage is the best! If it's a big race it's totally worth it!

  3. I ran RnR Vegas last year and totally wished I had gotten the VIP package! Such a good idea!

  4. I'm applying to be an RNR ambassador for 2016! I hope I get it because this sounds awesome!!

    1. I'm applying again too and have my fingers crossed for both of us!

  5. We got the VIP package for Virginia Beach. It really is a nice addition. It's so nice not to have to wait in a huge line at the Porta potty and the brunch afterwards was pretty tasty.

    1. I agree! The port-a-potty line being short was such a big perk.

  6. Wow, I had no idea the VIP was so swanky for RnR! I remember seeing VIP portopotties in Philly back in 2014, and I was totally jealous. Unlimited booze and real food might be worth it!

    1. It is pretty great, especially if you had some friends with you running th e race!

  7. My brother and I did VIP for RnR DC, which you may have heard was cold and rainy. Pre-race was wonderfully inside, warm, and dry. After race being in the tent with all you could eat and drink was the perfect way to end my first half.

    1. UGH-unfortunately I ran that race, and it was one of my more miserable races especially since I finished being soaking wet and having to trek to the metro station. Good call on VIP!

  8. Ohhh, thanks for this! I wasn't able to take advantage of the VIP in Vegas or DC. I've always wondered if it was worth the price tag! But for the post race breakfast and mimosas I would be sold!

    1. Definitely fun, especially if you got some friends together!