December 11, 2015

Brooks Running Fall 2015 Apparel and Adrenaline GTS16 Review

Disclosure: I received a complimentary top and bottom from Brooks Running to review on my blog as well as a pair of the Adrenaline GTS 16 shoe before launch to wear test. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I have always been a HUGE fan of Brooks Running. Their Ghost running shoes were my first ever pair of real deal running shoes I got fitted for. I love that their slogan is Run Happy. I ran my first marathon in their Ravenna shoes.  I even got to tour their new headquarters when I was out in Seattle for Hood to Coast.  I love that the brand is really supportive, innovative, and does awesome things like sponsor the Beer Mile world record holder. They also just started a really awesome running community called The Run where you can talk about-you guessed it, running! with other people via message boards. That's why I was really excited to work with Brooks Running after being invited to check out The Run community-I've been dying to work with them! 


Brooks Running offered to send me some apparel to review as I enter the new year and chase bigger and bad-asser goals. I was interested in trying the Brooks Running Drift Shell jacket (Retails for $135) and the Greenlight Tight (Retails for $90) because I wanted some cold weather gear that was also bright and high visibility for these dark fall and winter days. Just a note, I find that Brooks running tops run a bit small so I got the Drift Shell in a size medium and the tights in a small.  

The Drift Shell is breathable and lightweight while also providing great waterproof and windproof protection.  I love the pattern and the fact that it's lightweight, has multiple water-resistant pockets, and is a little stretchy. It also was semi-fitted so it was a nice layer on top when the weather was windy or wet and wasn't flapping around as I ran, even when I wore it during a really windy night leg of Ragnar Vegas last month! 

Post-3 AM Ragnar Vegas leg in my Brooks Running gear
I did find that I would sweat a lot when I wore this as a layer which was the only thing I didn't like about the jacket. 


I was mostly drawn to the neon green Greenlight Tight because of its appearance and cool pattern but was happy to find out they are super practical. They are reversible so if you wear them with the fuzzy side in like I have been you'll stay warm but if you where them reversed with the smoother pattern side in you'll stay cool!  I LOVE THESE TIGHTS


I wore them during Ragnar Vegas and they were awesome for staying bright during my night run.  Unfortunately the weather has been pretty mild in Baltimore so far so I haven't gotten to wear them as much as I'd like, but I wore them to the November Project workout yesterday and literally got 5 compliments/questions about what brand they were from various people, including a random guy on the bus who told me I'd never get hit by a bus in those, haha

Besides the fact that I love the print and color, the tights are super soft and wicking with a nice wide waistband that stays put so I'm not constantly pulling them out even after doing lots of burpees and squats at NP. They also have super cute ruching on the side hem at the ankles which is a nice touch. 

I spotted these tights at the
Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon expo!
After receiving the apparel, Brooks asked me if I wanted to wear-test the new Adrenaline GTS 16 running shoes. I have never worn their best-selling Adrenalines before but have enjoyed have a few pairs of more supportive shoes that I've gotten through reviews for runs when I need more cushioning, especially during recovery runs or when I need to do a lot of walking. Superficially, the shoes I received are in my favorite colors of a light teal and hot pink, which is obviously awesome. 


The Adrenaline GTS 16 are heavier than I would wear for everyday running, but they do have responsive cushioning and provide a lot of support all through my foot. I actually really like wearing them to things like November Project where I'm doing lots of jumping and plyometrics because of the support they provide. They fit nice and snug on my foot and I liked the upper, however if you have wider feet the toe box might feel a bit narrow so try them on before you buy! 

Crunching it out at November Project-Baltimore
According to the Brooks Running website " the BioMoGo DNA midsole responds to every step and the full-length segmented crash pad that gives you ultra-smooth heel-to-toe transitions". Overall, I think it's a great shoe to check out if you need some extra support when running.

Definitely check out Brooks Running and add some of their apparel or shoes to your Christmas wish list!   


Have you ever run in Brooks shoes or apparel? What's your current favorite piece of running gear? 


  1. Love Brooks. Their tech shirts are amazing!

  2. The Run sounds awesome, I will definitely check it out! I basically love everything Brooks and consider myself a Brooks snob. Their shorts are the only ones I can comfortably wear!

  3. Hey Lauren! We're glad to hear you loved the gear. We also love the Greenlight Tight's versatility and the bright color. We would have complimented you on the bus, too! Run Happy!

  4. LOVE the leggings. They're so bright and fun!

  5. I remember that outfit when we ran Ragnar! It was cute then and I still think it's cute! I'm a huge fan of Brooks Pure Connects - it's pretty much all I run in. Other than that, I don't really have their gear. Guess I should try it!

  6. I have a waterproof, windproof SUPER lightweight Jacket from DynaFit, and I LOVE IT! It probably only weighs about 2 ounces, but it is SO great for using in the rain.

  7. Ah this is SO cool! I'm an absolute Brooks lover myself and have ran every marathon in their shoes! I love how many stage races you've done! One of these years I'm going to focus more on that, but as of yet I still haven't done any! I saw those tights on your insta and just about fell in love!

  8. I actually haven't run in Brooks shoes-you would think I would since it's my last name. I also have some of their great running tops.

  9. I LOVE those Greenlight tights! Yes please!

  10. First off ... love, love those tights! The jacket is nice too. I haven't worn Brooks before but one day soon!

  11. super cute!! i have been loving going for the bright colored gear lately!

  12. Love bright neon when working out!

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  13. I love Brooks so much! Once I tried the Pure Flows I have yet to find a new favorite brand. I love those tights!

  14. I love the new colors of the GTS 16! Can't wait to get them.

  15. I love these pants! The quality of work out gear is fantastic. I got a small and they fit perfectly, just as I expected. They aren't thin to where you can see through them, and not too thick where they make you too warm when working out.