November 11, 2015

Gametiime to FitFam Launch

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The running company formerly known as Gametiime has now launched as FitFam, and I’m super happy to be an ambassador for them.  


It’s still the same people with a different website.  You can read more of the launch information here, but pretty much FitFam will still be hosting virtual race events.  You will also still have the awesome social search directory of races across the country to find races near you that Gametiime was known for. 

Honestly I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment and wasn’t even sure I wanted to apply to be a FitFam ambassador.  Then I talked to one of the co-founders Jon, who shared with me how the FitFam brand wants to have these unique, authentic ambassadors from all different places across the country and in life. It’s a platform to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to live healthy and active lives. I'm all for super positive running communities looking to inspire. I loved the sense of community and social connection so I’m really happy I’m a part of the community. 

With FitFam you can sign up for a virtual race online, have your packet & swag items sent to you, complete the race wherever & whenever you want, and submit your results online. 

You also can win prizes not only based on your race time, but also based on fun photo contests. I had the chance to be a part of one of these virtual races through a race benefiting Girls on the Run by Nuun called Run Ride Hydrate which was super fun.  It’s awesome to race virtually with my fellow Nuun friends all across the country. 

My Run Ride Hydrate virtual race bib and medal with Team Nuun!
The virtual events have comparable entry fees but also people from all over the country to virtually run together and allows runners to see demographics from fellow runners in the event such as age, location, and gender.  I obviously love running races and have run a few virtual races for the social aspect. For others it can be a great opportunity to Besides being a fun race opportunity for runners, it’s also a great brand marketing tool for companies. 

FitFam launched yesterday and already announced their first virtual race, the FitFam Challenge which is the perfect way to kick off 2016! For only $35 you get entry into the virtual race as well as a finisher’s shirt and medal. How awesome is that, especially nowadays with the costs of races increasing. 

You can follow FitFam on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use and search the hashtags #FitFamLaunch and  #movethemission for more FitFam fun!

Have you ever done a virtual race? 


  1. This sounds reall cool! I had never heard of Gametiime so I'm glad you shared this.
    I've never done a virtual race, but I want to do one with the Hogwarts Running Club soon - it's perfect for my nerdy side!

    1. Glad to share with you! A Hogwarts running club sounds awesome!

  2. This is a great idea! Just signed up for your giveaway too. Thank you!

  3. Virtual races are really the "thing" this year! Congrats on the ambassadorship!

    1. Haha yes so trendy! I think because they are so easy and affordable!

  4. I just looked at the new site yesterday, Lauren, and this looks like it's going to be GREAT! Thanks so much for sharing the info and I'm so delighted to know that you'll be an ambassador!!

    1. Glad you already checked out FitFam! I'm really excited to get involved and virtually race all my friends!