October 9, 2015

Chicago Marathon Training 2015 Recap {Weeks 15-17} & Marathon Packing List

{Read about Weeks 1&23&45&6 ,7&89&10, 11-14 of my training}
 Weeks 15-17 are pretty much done with which means the Chicago Marathon is a day away (!?!?!?!)

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Chicago Marathon 2015 Training Recap

Week 15

Week 15 was a solid week of training with some runs, November Project, and getting in my 14 mile long run before and during November Project #hillsforbreakfast on Friday. 

Taper-style November Project with Sarah

 Tuesday I made it to the newly formed informal Track Tuesday group of November Project runners. I haven't done track workouts in forever so it was definitely really tough. I can't wait to get my butt to more of them after the marathon is over.  

I'll probably eventually get to sharing a full race recap, but on Saturday after a night out including beers and late night pizza I ran the Donate Life 5K with a November Project team.  I wasn't expecting much, but ended up being motivated by my NP friends and snagged top female. It was a small 5K, but it was still fun because this never will happen at any big races and NP guys took 1st and 3rd as well.  I mostly was motivated by the awesome crab medal that the winners got, let's be honest. It felt good to run a fast 5K and one where I didn't feel too bad during the first two miles.  

Week 16
This week I had booked a 45 minute massage which was honestly the highlight of my week. Apparently my legs are unbalanced when I run which could be fixed after I release enough of the tension. I might try to find a way to get regular massages to keep everything aligned and loose. This week was some true taper time so I only run a couple times and took a really sweaty spin class at Rev.  I was getting a little anxious about taper and aware of each and every twinge I felt in my legs when running.  

I had my last long run of 10 miles scheduled for the weekend, which forecast ed to be full of rain and possibly Hurricane Joaquin.  Luckily the hurricane didn't hit us, be we got days of rain and colder temps. I managed to get in 10 miles Friday morning with 2 fellow November Project friends and ended up at #hillsforbreakfast. I did a few hills but mostly stretched, before getting home into dry & warm clothes and napping! 
Running in the rain in my purple raincoat. 
Week 17
This final week was all about tapering. Honestly I was so swamped with school that I didn't feel antsy about running less or taking extra rest days. Plus having an excuse for why I eat so many carbs was nice.  I got in a few easy, short runs along with a November Project workout on Wednesday. Today I stopped by the Chicago Marathon expo and probably spent too much of the day walking around the city. I plan on putting my feet up and stretching out tomorrow after a quick shakeout run. 

The bad: I've noticed since being in school and sitting for hours in class that my hips in particular have been especially tight. I need to really do better about stretching during the week after class all day and doing some hips-opening yoga stretches.  

The good:  I'm just happy that I've survived training injury-free. There are always hard training runs as well as ups & downs, but overall I had a pretty straightforward training cycle. I wasn't travelling as much so getting runs in wasn't hard and most of them felt great-training for a marathon hasn't gotten easy, but it's definitely become more comfortable to transition into.  

Things to Focus on: Since race day is on Sunday, all I am focusing on is trying to relax. I had a stressful week at school plus then travelling and all so I just need to keep breathing and thinking positively.  

I'm a total list person so whenever I have a big race like a half marathon or marathon and especially if I need to travel, I like to make a list of everything I need for the race. I like to lay everything out together so that I hopefully don't forget anything I need in the morning, especially since I'm not a morning person.   

Here's my race packing list: 

How was your week of workouts?  Do you get the taper crazies? 


  1. I recently just got a massage that was way overdue. And that was the highlight of that wk as well. Goodluck this wkend. Just try to relax and you will be just fine. You put in all the hard work and it will pay off.

  2. My position at work recently changed and I am sitting at a computer so much more, and I definitely feel it! I try to foam roll every evening after work.
    Good luck this weekend and have fun!