June 24, 2015

Summer Survival Kit {Ready for Action with Whole Foods Markets}

Disclosure: I was offered a giftcard & complimentary Ready for Action bag for mentioning this promotion by Whole Foods Market Harbor East.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I really love samples and trial sizes. No I don't want to spend X number of dollars on a product that I've never tried before. What if I don't like it?! That's why I love places like Sephora and all those box subscriptions out there. I will take free samples anywhere, and I make little kits with all of them. I have a little bag packed that I can move from backpacks to suitcases for overnight trips. I have a little first-aid kit in my car. I have a little bag of shampoo and makeup samples in my gym bag.  

I was super excited to get my hands on Whole Foods Markets' Ready for Action summer survival kits from my local store, Whole Foods Harbor East. 

It makes perfect sense that I'd need a summer survival kit. Here is what I need to survive the summer (and all this crazy humidity we've been having that comes along with it!)


Okay, so maybe I can't fit all that in one bag. Oops. 

Here's what Whole Foods has included in their summer survival kits for an active summer: 

You get some full size products which is awesome, and the whole bag is valued at $50.


 I love that Nuun Active Lemon-Lime is included! Of course that is already one of my stand-by hydration flavors and is great mixed with some lemonade in the summer #teamnuun.

I also was really excited to see an option for a natural sunscreen because I have been trying to buy more natural brands and haven't found one I liked yet.


 I found the Goddess Garden Organic sunscreen to be a lot thicker than I was used to so it took a lot of rubbing in. It did the job and was gentle on my face and shoulders.  

I also really liked having the vanilla chai Amazing Grass protein shake after a run blended with some cashew milk, ice,cinnamon and a frozen banana. 

The bag itself is not only super cute but also is hand-printed by RIJI Green, a company committed to ending human trafficking!


You can grab one of these bags for only $12 at your local Whole Foods Market U.S. Store on Saturday, June 27 at 10 AM.  I would't wait much longer past then because supplies are limited!

What is something on your summer survival list? 


  1. how cute! sadly, no WFM in calgary for a year or two still.

    my survival kit: always sunscreen, lots of water and a snack of some sort. maybe a hat.

  2. That is a great bag of goodies for an awesome price. Wish I lived closer to whole foods. All these perfect for the summer!

  3. NUUN is definitely a summer ESSENTIAL! :)

  4. Is that aloe vera moisturizer? There was some at a hotel we stayed at in Waterton (love tiny/sample sized products) and it was amazing. It's on my list of things to buy at the drug store when I buy shampoo this weekend.

    I have tons of mini sunscreen samples because I take them everywhere in the summer; I burn so easily. And sunglasses. And my ipod; good music is a must. And snacks and iced coffee. And a magazine.

    1. I think it's just straight up aloe vera but all natural. However I may now mix it with some moisturizer...