May 1, 2015

Things That Shouldn't Exist {Part 1}

Edit: I wrote this post before I went out of town which coincided with all the the unrest and news coverage on Baltimore. My apartment was less than a mile from riots, looting, and police altercations but luckily all my friends and my apartment building & boyfriend were all safe. It seems like a trivial post now, but maybe a little laughter will help a few who haven't had much to laugh about in Baltimore lately.  My heart aches for a place I call home, and as I head back I want to help the city heal and stay strong anyway I can.  There will probably be a longer post about what happened and my feelings but I felt I had to just mention this now.  The ladies at BmoreTone have posted a great round-up of ways to help Baltimore.  #OneBaltimore

I loved this post Emily did so I decided to do my own version.

This is of course the more insignificant annoying things to me at the moment. Serious issues like cancer, war,hate crimes etc. of course should not exist.  There will probably be more posts like this because commiserating with others over annoying things is fun. 

Things That Shouldn't Exist  Part I

1. That evil little bottom part of a banana.

2. Places without Wawa.
It's a New Jersey thing. It's the best convenience store with delicious Icees, coffee, sandwiches, and snacks, 24-7.  Thank goodness there are some in Maryland. 

3. Drivers who sit in the left lane and aren't passing other cars.  
The left lane is not for doing right under the speed limit. 

4. Commericals. 
It's why Netflix is the best. I hate interrupted television. 

5.People confusing "their", "there" and "they're". 

6. Hangnails

7. Race photos you have to pay for. 
Runners let's boycott race photos. If I seriously paid $100 for a race I want a couple free photos. Just throw in a photo of me running but it looks like I'm walking and making a weird hand gesture with my eyes closed. I deserve it after paying to run your race. The prices through sites like Marathonfoto are SO ridiculous. Even if they lowered their prices by A LOT I'm sure they'd get more business.  

 8. Hiccups

 9. Applications & Games on Facebook. 

 10. Gum that loses it's delicious flavor in 30 seconds. 

When I was younger I loved getting this Cotton Candy Bubble Yum  when we traveled by plane to chew on to prevent that awful ear popping (which should be added to this list as well!). It was super sugary & delicious, bright blue, and made nice bubbles but lost it's flavor after literally like 5 seconds. 

Happy Friday all! 

What's something silly you think shouldn't exist? 


  1. I 100% agree with 1, 5, 7 & 9. We call that thing at the bottom of a banana - "Buggy." Not sure why except my son started that when he was 2 and refused to eat the 'buggy." I think speedos should be banned. Unless you look like Beckham. Then it's okay.

    1. I agree with speedos. I tried to see if there was an actual name for that evil banana bit, but couldn't find anything!

  2. So glad you're safe and everything was fine at your apartment- we need to catch up soon!

  3. #3 & #8 yes!! Please just go away forever. And #7 is why I love obstacle are always free. I pay even more than regular races for those so they better give me something for free!!

    1. Free race photos rock, especially if the race entry fee is high!

  4. Fun post! We all need a little humor in our day even during the really tough times.

  5. Omg this is too funny and sooo true! I always liked that cotton candy flavored gum too. I just had a Rita's that flavor the other day...delicious!

  6. I thought I was the only one who that the part of the banana was pure evil! Ew! I always throw it away as soon as I open a banana bc I can not stand it!

  7. Agreed with all of these! I think the mix-up between your/you're should be on there too! :[ It drives me nuts!

    1. Yes, we'll just include all basic grammatical mix-ups like that on the list!

  8. for you, my fellow "there, their, they're" lover, a t-shirt of our dreams: