February 4, 2015

ClassPass is here, Baltimore!

Disclosure:  I was offered a one-month ClassPass membership to review for no cost. This blog post contains affiliate links. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

I'm really excited to let you know that ClassPass has finally come to Baltimore! I have been hearing about for a while on the interwebs, and so I was really excited to get an email offering to allow me to try it out and spread the word in Charm City.
What is it?
ClassPass is a subscription service with a flat monthly fee (between $79-99 depending on location) that allows you to take fitness classes at a various boutique fitness studios in your area.  There are tons of classes available to ClassPass members inlcuding cycling, yoga, pilates, barre, martial arts, strength-training, and more.  

The Fine Print
Classes open up for reservation a few days in advance and you are limited to three classes per studio per monthly cycle, but you can go to as many places as you like so it's unlimited classes.  There is a $20 cancellation fee for class reservations. There is no annual fee or long-term commitment, however to put your membership on hold there is a $19 per month charge which saves you from paying a reactivation fee. This and more is explained in the FAQ.  
How It Works
You can sign up for classes on the ClassPass website or iPhone app. I thought the site was really easy to use with options to filter class results by day, time,location, or a particular studio. Sometimes there is a wait list or classes fill up so it's best to plan and schedule a few classes for the week instead of waiting last minute. The only thing I do not like is there is no customer service phone number. I had an issue reserving a class for a particular studio one day. I had to send an email to customer service, and it took a couple of days for a reply which by that time was kind of useless.    
My Thoughts
Besides my opinion on the lack of phone number, I have loved using the website. $99 seems like a lot of money, but it's cheaper than paying for multiple boutique fitness studio memberships.  Now I've found it is limited to certain classes at the studios, so you're not always getting to pick from their full class schedule. There's also a good mix of classes in Baltimore City and in the surrounding counties. 
Since I can never commit to just one thing and love doing it all, I like the flexibility of being able to add spin, yoga, and Pilates classes into my workout mix, all in one membership.  I will say that the Baltimore class selection is really heavy on yoga and barre, so I hope that more studios eventually join in.  
I have taken a couple really great classes such as BARRE60 at REV Cycle Studio and Restorative Yoga at Charm City Yoga. I also have a couple classes scheduled for later this week at Pop Physique and Beachfit Baltimore that I can't wait for.   

If you're in the Baltimore/Annapolis area and want to skip the wait list and join today, click here

If you're taking a class and want a buddy or have an awesome class recommendation, let me know. 
Have you heard of class pass? What's your favorite group exercise class at the moment?


  1. I wish I could do Class Pass but with my boys, my schedule is so incredibly inflexible right now that it wouldn't be worth it. Maybe someday!

    1. Totally understand, you have to book everything in advance which can be tricky sometimes!

  2. Yeah I balked at the price when I first heard about it, but it has easily paid for itself in the amount of things I've done in the past week. I'm LOVING it and thinking it might need to be a long-term thing. I'm excited to get down to REV! (Probably next weekend!)

    1. That's awesome! We just need more class options in Baltimore now!