November 19, 2014

How to Get Help with Thanksgiving from Whole Foods Markets

In case you were oblivious like I was, Thanksgiving is NEXT week. Yikes!  Fortunately, my mother is an excellent cook and is still hosting a small Thanksgiving at my parents' house this holiday. I always offer to help out but she's a pro and by the time I arrive she has everything planned out and in progress ahead of time.  

Cooking all that food and hosting is definitely a big job though. I always tell my boyfriend that one year if we don't have anywhere to go we are just going out to eat and let
 someone else do the cooking and dreaded cleaning.  Now I'm also putting down a dinner from Whole Foods as an option for that scenario.  

A friend from Whole Foods Harbor East in Baltimore invited me to come check out their Thanksgiving Edition of Tasty Tuesday.   From 5-7 PM they had had tastings set up around the store in every department showcasing their Thanksgiving offerings. I also wanted to mention that when I walked in I saw all the beautiful flowers and arrangements that would make the perfect last-minute host or hostess gift!


Whole Foods offers a large selection of appetizers like cocktail shrimp, antipasto platters, caviar, and my favorite-cheese platters! I got to taste some caviar samples and a delicious oyster, which are great if you're feeling fancy. 


 I also sampled all the cheeses on the Italian Classics Cheese Platter (large RP $29.99, serves 8-10).

Next I had some stuffing and cranberries, the quintessential Thanksgiving sides (32 oz sides RP $11.99-13.99, serves 4). 

awkward Whole Foods selfie with my stuffing sample
Then I had the star of the show- turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was SO yummy. I almost went back for seconds! An oven-ready turkey is $59.99 for a small (serves 6 or more)  which is on the pricier side of turkeys, but it comes ready to cook rubbed with herb butter on a bed of fresh veggies in a disposable roasting pan, ready to uncover and pop in the oven! The price is right if you want that freshly cooked turkey without all of the work. You also have to remember that  all of Whole Foods turkeys have no antibiotics or animal by-products in the feed and are 5 step animal welfare rated.  


I had a sample or three of their delicious pumpkin roll (RP $19.99). I love me some cream cheese frosting, for sure.  I was glad to see Whole Foods offers gluten-free pies, pie shells, and stuffing mixes if you or someone in your family requires that!

How-Whole-Foods-Helps-With-Thanksgiving-Pumpkin Roll

I loved that you could buy plenty of different packages including just the sides,a vegan dinner for two,and dinners for 4 with different meats and sides. A Turkey Dinner for 2 (plus a few)  for a fully cooked boneless turkey breast and sides was only $49.99. That's cheaper than a couple going out to eat on the holiday.  

While Whole Foods is known to some jokingly as Whole Paycheck, I was glad to see that they had many affordable options for people to get some wholesome Thanksgiving food pre-cooked or ready to go.  

It could even be helpful in picking up a few things in addition to making a few so you are not cooking a whole huge dinner yourself. Or you could just pick up something for a Friendsgiving if you aren't too inclined to whip up something in your kitchen. 
Check out your local Whole Foods or go online to order for the holiday and pick-up early next week!

Disclaimer: I was offered a giftcard for taking the time to stop by the event but was not offered compensation for  or obligated to write this post for Whole Foods.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Since I was in Calgary for Thanksgiving.....and now seeing SOOOO many American Thanksgiving posts, I'm thinking of making myself a little Thanksgiving for one (with lots of leftovers) next weekend.

  2. everything looks delicious, but i'm most captivated by those flowers! so beautiful.

  3. Whole Foods is such a life saver sometimes. But I allllwayyyys cave and try the cheese when they have samplings, whether I need to or not! LOL! (Good stuff, but not always good for me...ha!)

  4. I love Whole Foods but I think some of the foods are very pricey. Pumpkin Rollls are my favorite. My Aunt used to make them all the time during the holidays. I don't see her much now, maybe I will need to get one there this year. -L

  5. You lucky, lucky girl! Whole Foods is my favorite all year, but even more so during the holidays. More than the delicious food, the store just gives off that homey feeling.