July 10, 2014

Recent Features Around the Web

Well I was going to have a marathon training update for you today but an unplanned afternoon yesterday plus my body sleeping in way too late this morning means it's pushed back to tomorrow. Must mean I need to move up my bedtime!

Today I'm sharing some links of blog posts and shout-outs of mine around the interwebs for you to check out and share!

Lifestyle Accountability Podcast

A few weeks ago I was featured on fellow co-host and fellow Fitblogger Adam Bates' Lifestyle Accountability Podcast here. I talk about starting out as a runner, training, healthy living tips, and motivation. I've listened to a bunch of the podcasts of fellow bloggers and they are all great so browse through other episodes while you're there!

What's In Your Bag?

I participated in a guest post here for the What's In Your Bag? series on Your Fit Trip. I talk about what I packed in my carry-on when I traveled down to Savannah for the Fitbloggin' conference. See what I packed to stay healthy and some things I wish I would have brought!

Laurens Bag

Our Favorite Races

Erica at Life as a Running Mom runs a great series on her blog called Our Favorite Races where bloggers can recommend races. I recommended the Baltimore Women's Classic 5K which was featured last week here. That reminds me that I still need to recap this year's BWC 5K!

Fitbloggin' Friends

Fitbloggin' has really left a lasting impression on everyone. We all are reading each other's blogs and coming up with other ideas to bounce off of each other in the community. I've been reading so many recaps and realize that next year I want to meet so many more people! I literally squealed the other night because Vita of Vitatrain4life, the badass woman who gave the inspiring Ignite talk about her journey to competing on an international level in Spain, gave me a shout-out on HER blog! She's definitely somebody I want to follow and then get to hang out with in Denver next year!

I also got a shout-out from Sarah, who I mentioned ran the 10K with me.  

Today Kelly posted her Fitbloggin' recap and gave me a little shout-out too. She is literally one of the nicest, friendliest people, and I was so glad to meet her. Check out the recipes on her blog, I  want to eat pretty much all of them!

I feel really blessed to be part of such a supportive and encouraging community now. It's really great to have people who believe in you are doubting yourself. 

Sometimes a tweet or a shout-out from someone saying  "You rock!" is all you need to turn around your day!

Do you find motivation in others via social media? 


  1. I love social media. Seeing others workout, healthy meals on instagrams inspires me to get myself into check.

    1. Definitely-it can be so motivating to see others kicking ass at their workouts!

  2. You are so cool. Thank you so much for the shout out on your blog today!!! Love it!! Can't wait to hang out with you way more in Denver!
    I'm also definitely checking out your podcast. I want to listen to more of them on my long runs!!

    1. Thanks so much! I need to get into listening to books/podcasts during my long runs too!