May 12, 2014

Official Crazy Runner Lady and Birthday Recap

I had a marvelous weekend and am happy to say that for my dreaded anatomy & physiology II class I have my final today, and then I'm done! I'll have two nights of my week back and can't wait.  Here's a little birthday week and weekend photo recap! There was lots of food drinks, and smiles! Food and friends is pretty much all I need for a good birthday. 

My watch knows what day it is!

Yay for awesome balloons again

My boyfriend knows the way to my heart-flowers, juices, and Lululemon!

An amazing salted caramel/chocolate ice cream cake from La Cakerie

Birthday dinner-captain crunch french toast (a la Blue Moon Cafe) with fruit and homemade Jack Daniels whipped cream

Nice 8 mile run on Saturday-I beat the rain too!

Dinner with friends, including my best friend Norah!

Overall a pretty nice birthday and plenty of reminders that I'm surrounded by people who care about me!

By the way, it's official. I'm a crazy runner lady and member #7471 of the Half Fanatics at the Neptune level!

Half Fanatics is a community of people who are only half (marathon) crazy. The membership community has an online database to track races, race discounts, member socials at half marathons, a monthly newsletter and more. I have always seen half fanatics at races in their blue and yellow racing shirts or singlets and can't wait to order mine and wear it proudly!

They have specific criteria which qualifies you at different moon levels before you can register and pay your dues to become an official member. I qualified as Neptune for running two half marathons in 16 days (the Rock and Rock National half and Philly Love Run Half in March for me).  I'm excited to meet new crazy runners at races!

I also have a guest post featured on the November Project Blog all about why I love November Project Baltimore and my mantra to #bmore_positive this year. I talk about how I'm a full-fledged crazy runner lady and got involved with NP. 

Check out my post, share with friends, and just show up Wednesdays 6:30 AM on the top of Federal Hill!

What is your favorite part of your birthday? Have you heard of the Half Fanatics?


  1. Wooooo for that guest post. Love the tribe. And for an epic birthday week! I love captain crunch french toast. Blue moon is the bomb dot com. And that birthday cake.... gahhh you're killing me with the sugar! I'm not even a big ice cream cake fan but that seriously sounds like the greatest thing I've ever heard of in my entire life. See you wednesday :)

  2. Are you from bmore?! I'm from Maryland originally and moved to Ohio a few years ago! Checking out the half fanatics thing now - I've run a half but probably wont be increasing to a full any time soon
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  3. Happy Birthday! And congrats on your crazy!
    I wish Houston had NP- makes me sad that they don't! So many Boston friends post about it and now my Denver girls....I feel SOOOOO left out!

  4. I read the post on Nov Project - I loved it! I run by that crab at least once a week, it makes me happy :)

  5. Birthday WEEK is the best! We like to mini-celebrate 1/2 birthdays, too. A little Starbucks with breakfast and ice cream after dinner makes every 6 months fun.

  6. That cake looks delicious!! Happy Birthday and congrats on being part of the half fanatics!

  7. Well, now I've heard about half fanatics and I think I'm about to apply! Happy late birthday, btw!