February 18, 2014

Snowed In Sprints

In case you were unaware, I, along with everyone else on the East Coast, am over winter and counting down the days until Spring.  I love snow days if I don't have to go into work but other than that, these winter storms are just big, inconvenient messes. 

Funny Seasonal Ecard: I wish it would snow so I'd be able to complain about the snow!
Last week I started the week out strong and then lost a lot of motivation by the end due to snowy weather. I'm full of excuses, I know. I was stuck inside my apartment where I was in my pajamas and had House of Cards Season 2 on Netflix to keep me occupied. Since I only made it out to Crossfit once and wasn't willing to risk slipping on some ice outside, I had to get a few more workouts than usual done on the treadmill. I even ran 8 miles on Friday for my long run as I watched Netflix. It's been a long time since I've run that far on a treadmill, for real

However I've mostly started incorporating more HIIT (high-intensity interval training) runs again on the treadmill because it is the most bang for your buck. It gets your heart rate up and makes your workout short and sweet. I came up with this treadmill interval workout that takes only 30 minutes, leaves you a sweaty mess, and keeps you from dying of boredom. 


Check it out and let me know what you think! All I know is I'm looking to the 55 degree weather on Saturday. 


  1. cannot for a warmer weekend! thanks for the workout - i'll try it this week!

  2. Way to bust out 8 on the treadmill! That looks like a great workout. I'll have to try it sometime. I have to say I'm happy I live in a desert where we are having 60 degree weather right now.

  3. Awesome workout! I will probably give it a try after adjusting the speeds a bit :P. I hate doing long runs on the 'mill. Thanks to mother nature I'll probably be on the treadmill for my 3rd long run in a row this weekend. WOMP.

  4. Woah! Since my max TM speed is about 6.7 I'd need to scale this way back but it looks like a great workout. Pretty much all of my workouts have been TM for the past couple weeks because winter has sucked the life out of me here, too. I have 8 TM miles planned on Saturday.