January 11, 2014

Five Friday Faves- All over the place

Last night I had a great time meeting up with some ladies to watch the Toned Up show on Bravo about the Tone it Up duo-I think it's going to be a weekly event! I've been fighting a cold this week that seems to continue to make me feel worse each day. I've been upping my intake of tea, apple cider vinegar, and green juice so hopefully I can kick this before the weekend is over!  Continuing with my thinking out loud rambles from yesterday, today I've got some of my favorite things from the past few weeks to share with you, especially from the holidays!

Five Friday Favorites

Favorite Christmas gift received: 
cookbooks and more running arm sleeves
Arm sleeves were one of my favorite running items from 2013 so I'm excited to get lots more to wear as a layer in the winter and for when it finally hits spring! The pink Nathan sleeves are especially great because they seem to be a high quality,include little pockets, and have reflective strips on them. I also saw so many great recipe sneak peaks from the 21-day Sugar Detox Cookbook that I can't wait to try some recipes out!

Favorite healthy snack: 
Rhythm Superfoods Pineapple & Coconut Kale Chips
I was lucky enough to win one of the Purely Elizabeth holiday giveaways on their Facebook page a few weeks ago and was sent some goodies from Rhythm Superfoods. I tasted some of their kale chips at Expo East, but this flavor was new to me. I tried to pretend I wasn't going to eat the whole bag in one sitting, but after my first bite of these delicious Pineapple Coconut kale chips I knew that wasn't happening. They had great crunch and the perfect touch of sweetness to satisfy my post-dinner snack craving!

Favorite dinner: 
Sushi date with my sister last week
I freaking love sushi. My sister does too, so I knew I could count on her wanting to grab some sushi for dinner when she visited last week! I could eat it multiple times a week if it wasn't so pricey. I got some sashimi, (unpictured) seaweed salad, and a few rolls to share! 

Favorite Christmas tradition: 
Building gingerbread houses
My sister and I have continued a holiday tradition of building gingerbread houses together for a while now.  This year we accidentally had two gingerbread kits so we made it a competition with girls vs. boys (my brother and boyfriend). We clearly won, and not just because we had an adorable Hello Kitty gingerbread house kit to work with!

Favorite new kitchen toy to try out: 
Vegetable spiralizer
I've been wanting one of these for SO long after seeing recipe after recipe for zoodles and spiralized zucchini and sweet potato recipes. Finally I got one in the mail as a belated Christmas gift that Santa forgot.  I saw that the Civilized Caveman recommended this one so I can't wait to open it and start making spiralized everything!

Favorite breakfast: 
Noosa yoghurt
This is one of my favorite yogurts, and it happened to be on sale at the local grocery store this week so I snagged a few blueberry and raspberry ones. I know my local Target carries it too, if you go searching for it! Noosa is an Australian-style yogurt similar to Greek yogurt.  Noosa is all natural, rBGH free, and contains local honey and seasonal fruit, according to the package. 
I just know that it is the most creamy and delicious yogurt ever, and is great with some granola for breakfast!

What was one of your favorite holiday gifts you received? Any big weekend plans?


  1. How did you get your gingerbread house to look so awesome? The one's I've attempted with my kiddos end up being globs of gooey frosting everywhere! I'm so jealous of your Christmas loot! I received new dishes this year, which are the dishes, I've been wanting for a really long time, I was so so so excited. This weekend running...and putting away Christmas until next year :(

    1. Thanks! I think we got the kit from Target and used all the candy. My sister and I had a few houses all gooey and slanted so we got it down. You don't need as much frosting for the walls as you think!

  2. I had that yogurt before. They are yummy. I never built a gingerbread house. Maybe this will be the year that I do!

    1. Yes, gingerbread houses are so fun and is a good activity to spend time with family and friends!

  3. Wow, your gingerbread house looks amazing! And thanks for the heads up on the yogurt. I'll have to look for that.