December 5, 2013

Schedules and Shopping on Black Friday

Well since the Philadelphia Half Marathon, I still haven't been on a running schedule, but that's okay. I've just been running when I want to and feel like it. Okay, besides Thanksgiving Day, when I wasn't super jazzed to run but thought sweating out a couple of miles before my family arrived would be a good idea. My sister scoffed at my exercising on a holiday by saying "I didn't know it was Planet Fitness in here". She's Miss Sassypants, I know

It was my "solo turkey trot" since there weren't any super close to me. Running makes me happy, and it's nice to be able to workout whenever I want when I don't have work or any obligations. I ran a bunch at home because my parents have a treadmill and I didn't have access to a gym. I can never really get into doing home workouts by myself, being in a gym is more motivating to me.  

This week I have gone to Crossfit twice and taken a rest day so maybe I'll run a little bit today. My new favorite thing is to run on the treadmill while watching an episode of Scandal, which is ridiculous, but entertaining enough to keep me from feeling like a hamster on a wheel. It's easier for me to be flexible around the holidays with lots of events and travelling so I'll probably set more a schedule after New Year's. Trying to stay stress-free and happy this holiday season is the way to go (just like the 'Tis the Season campaign!).

As I had mentioned, Thanksgiving was pretty great. It's always pretty low-key in my family and was full of good food, family, and football which is the way it should be. 


I was one of those crazies out on Black Friday. My family was never really into doing tons of Black Friday shopping, but my siblings and I have braved the crowds the past few years. I ended up going to the local mall around midnight, which was packed. I'm totally against stores being open on Thanksgiving, but there were a few deals I had to take advantage of. Both my siblings work in retail and had to go in Thanksgiving evening, which is no fun. Is it ever going to be okay again for a store to be closed for one freaking day?  Anyhow, I did pick up mostly all of my gifts Thanksgiving weekend, which is a great feeling. Of course, I can't share all my great gift deals because of the tiny chance that someone might pop on here and see their gift, so instead I'll show you some of the great deals on things I bought for myself! 

Black Friday Swag

Too Faced Amazing Eyes Set and Hello Kitty fragrance from Sephora

Sephora always has a bunch of Black Friday exclusive mini sets which go pretty fast. I like mini sizes because I can try an expensive brand or product without paying for a whole tube of it. Also I love Hello Kitty so I couldn't resist picking up this perfume (that actually smells great!) from the sale rack for around $10! 

Aztec print leggings from American Eagle

Now I had written myself off as "too old" for American Eagle a few years ago, but stumbled in on Black Friday for a gift to find that the entire store was 50%! I found these cute leggings for $10 (regular $19.95) in a trendy black and white Aztec print that will go great with an oversized sweater.
AEO Performance Crops and Peplum T-Shirt from American Eagle

I was even more surprised to find some super cute workout clothes here! These black and white workout crops look just like Lululemon crops, even down to the brand logo on the back! I can't wait to see how they feel and hold up! I also love the touch of teal on the inside and picked them up for only $19.95 (regular $39.95). Yes, that is a peplum black workout top. Peplum for working out seems weird, but I had pick up this cute top which was already on clearance plus an extra 50% off that price.  The fabric is really breathable and stretchy and the sleeves are made of a mesh material. It's a great top to wear from the gym to the grocery store.  

 red bib necklace  and Hello Kitty fragrance from JCPenney

I love big, colorful jewelry so I picked up this necklace to wear to a holiday party this weekend. I think it's the perfect Christmas red color. I also love wearing scarves in the winter and found this chunky knit scarf. It'll be great with jeans, boots, and a big sweater.  Both of these items were 50% as well!

BlenderBottle SportMixer from Marshalls

I picked up this sleek BlenderBottle  originally $14.95, for only $5! I couldn't pass up a deal like that especially since I'm always have to wash out the same two bottles I have, which is a pain when you don't like doing the dishes.  I love the lime green hook on the lid and the bigger size which is great for holding protein shakes. 

So as you can see, I got some pretty sweet swag from Black Friday. It's nice to only have to pick up a couple more presents and be able to enjoy the holiday season.  

Did you go shopping on Black Friday? What deals did you cash in on?


  1. Sounds like some fantastic deals! I will have to check out those crops at American Eagle! I actually found a Lululemon sweater at 50% off so that was pretty sweet :)

    1. Definitely check them out, I'm jealous of your Lulu find!

  2. i'm also currently not operating on a 'workout schedule' and loving it!

  3. You really cleaned up on Black Friday! My family is pretty against the concept of shopping on Thanksgiving, unless it's to run to the grocery store for a last-minute ingredient. But stores shouldn't be opening that early. It isn't Friday yet! My family often has similar reactions to my need/desire to exercise on holidays. I can't imagine not working out but one day I think I should try it and just enjoy the holiday. Luckily, my mom always goes for a walk in the mornings so I'm not the only one and my run on Thanksgiving actually convinced my brother to go out for his own.

    1. Haha, thanks. There weren't any turkey trots super close and no one I knew was doing one so I called it my "solo turkey trot"

  4. I am also VERY anti-shopping on Thanksgiving! Seriously! It's ONE day. BUT, we went out on Black Friday, not on a mission, just to be out, and stumbled upon an AMAZING deal! We needed to upgrade our smartphones (such a first world problem, I know). We knew we were going to get iPhones, but can you imagine our excitement when we found that that Verizon was giving away FREE tablets. FREE! You just pay for data. We were SO excited!

  5. I love Hello Kitty too! And right now I'm just running when I feel like it as well.