October 28, 2013

MIMM #15


I hope you are having a marvelous Monday! My plan to get back into a routine came to a screeching halt last week. I had a good beginning of the week but soon knew I was coming down with something because my sinuses and throat were bothering me on Wednesday so I rested from working out and wasn't very productive.  Thursday I didn't feel well but stuck it out and went to work and then happy hour, because duh, I wasn't feel well :)  Friday I woke up and felt really awful and was losing my voice so most of Friday was spent in bed.  Saturday my voice turned into a sexy smoker voice, and I managed to take it easy during the day and put the final touches on my Halloween costume which I wore to a party for a little bit. 

Now after 5 days of not working out and focusing on rest and getting healthy, I'm finally starting to feel more like myself again. It's felt like a big long break post-marathon, and I'm ready to slowly get back to it! There wasn't many marvelous highlights from the weekend since most of it was spent sleeping, blowing my nose, and drinking tea by the pot, but here are a few. 

Marvelous is getting some meal-planning and food prep done for the week.

Marvelous is having an americano with a couple pumps of pumpkin syrup. Yum. 


Marvelous is the heat was finally turned on in my building. YAY!

Marvelous is crafting some arm sleeves and a helmet to complete my cute little R2D2 Halloween costume.


Marvelous is take-out pizza and the Walking Dead on Sundays. 

Marvelous is iHerb deliveries including some peanut flour, toffee-flavored stevia, and a coconut Chia Bar!

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Marvelous is finally feeling better and being able to breathe through my nose!

Marvelous is that Halloween is this week with lots of treats and fun.

Oh and before I forget, here are the winners of my Delta Labs sample pack! Congrats, ladies, I can't wait to see how you like the Hair, Skin, and Nails supplement. 


If you didn't win, you can still use my code "BREATHEBLOG" to get $5 off any order at Delta Labs

UPDATE: Almost forgot, congratulations to everyone who rocked the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend! I saw a lot of awesome times and race recaps :)

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Do you partake in any Halloween-themed activities? 


  1. Love the Halloween costume! I need to try an Americano with pumpkin spice pumps. that sounds yummy!

  2. I LOVE your halloween costume! Ahhhhh so perfect! And arm warmers- signs of a true runner ;)

    Bummer about being sick but look at it this way- your body was probably still semi-reacting to the marathon. Once you get the sickness out of your system, you'll come back stronger than ever with running!

    1. Thanks so much-I know my friend says I have arm sleeves for everything!

  3. I love you arm warmers! :)

  4. So happy you've started feeling better. Being sick really is the worst!

    Have a lovely week,

    1. Thanks-I just hate that the sickness lingers so long!