October 21, 2013

MIMM #14- Love yourself

Hello, hope you are having a marvelous Monday! 

Now that the marathon and all that training is over I'm trying to get into a new routine. I want to schedule time to do things that I actually need to do-cleaning, school homework, those grad school applications that have barely been touched. Having it written down in my planner helps me tackle tasks and avoid procrastination. 

Besides penciling in time in my week for those chores, I've decided to add in some "me" time. It's silly, but I always find myself setting on my computer or phone at midnight wondering where the day went. Last night I finally finished a book I had been in the middle of for a while, two days before it's due back at the library (after being renewed the maximum three times!).  

Also one of my lovely new friends I made marathon training was getting married on Saturday so I took that as a chance to pamper myself. It was nice to actually getting all dressed up for once in a while. Also it's been a while since I've felt super pretty-lately all I can see in the mirror is bloating, weight I gained training, and all of my least favorite physical qualities. 

It's time to start pushing all of that negativity out-or at least start to try.  I wouldn't say the nasty things I say to myself to other people. 

I wore a dress to the wedding that I have in my closet that was comfortable and flattering. I suck at a lot of girl skills like doing my hair so I went to get my hair blown out at Haute Blow Dry Bar. It was all the best parts of a haircut i.e. the wash and styling.  I highly recommend a blow dry bar for a big event or if you just want a good hair day. They are apparently really popular in Los Angeles and New York, and I could see why-the salon was packed with ladies getting their hair done for weddings and parties on a Saturday afternoon. I wish I could get my hair to look that fabulous every day.  

Of course getting dolled up deserved a selfie!

Aftewards I decided to pop into Sephora to see if I could take advantage of their express makeup services and get my eye makeup done.  They have complimentary services for one part of your makeup done right in store, as a way to persuade you to buy some makeup. Usually on a Saturday afternoon their makeup artists are swamped, but I was across the street and thought it was worth a shot. I ended up sitting right down and having a super nice and helpful makeup artists give me a bold smoky eye and also help me pick out a new foundation to use.

 I'm super self-conscious about my acne-prone and oily skin, after years of awful cystic acne in college so finding something that can make my skin look matte and even is a big self-esteem boost. 

My everyday makeup is pretty much only some foundation/BB cream, powder, and mascara during the week so this was a nice reminder to have fun and get a little glam . I loved the bold smoky eye I got to rock and was sad I had to wash it all off at the end of the night. It's amazing how much some better a little hair and makeup made me feel. The wedding ended up being intimate and lovely-I even managed to catch the bouquet. Believe me, it means nothing :)

 Here are some of the ways I had a marvelous weekend. Try it sometime. 

Marvelous is spending a lot of your time smiling.

Marvelous is feeling pretty.

Marvelous is weekend cuddling, especially as it starts to get chilly outside!

Marvelous is celebrating love.

Marvelous are mini cupcakes. You can tell yourself that 6 of them is actually only like having 1 regular sized cupcake. 

Marvelous is going out and having lots of fun (and drinks!) with new people. 

Marvelous is Sundays spent in sweatpants on the couch. 

Marvelous is homemade banana bread. 

Here's some marvelous Monday motivation if you are feeling less than awesome about yourself lately: 





Have you treated yourself to some pampering recently? Did you have a fun weekend?


  1. I got my hair done at a blow dry bar for a wedding this weekend, too! Loved the experience and was contemplating not washing it on Sunday so I could keep rocking the curls another day. Glad to hear you did something for you after all that hard work you completed during marathon training :)

    1. Thanks! I saw you got yours done too-you looked so pretty!

  2. Aww I'm sure you looked gorgeous in your dress! I love the picture. I know how hard it is to look in the mirror and not see the flaws when your body image isn't quite where you want it to be but I'm glad you made the best of it! And you were RIGHT NEXT TO MY APARTMENT almost at that place (if you went to the one in Towson). I've been waiting for an excuse to check it out. Sadly, none of my friends are getting married anytime soon.

    1. It was the one in Towson-gah no way. I'll go with you sometime-like I said it's nice to have a good hair day for sure haha

  3. a) i love your hair! we have a dry bar out here in portland i really need to try. b) I love the first quote you picked c) what foundation did they recommend? I struggle with the same problems you mentioned.

    1. Thanks so much-I highly recommend a dry bar! Well my day to day makeup is minimal so I had been using a Garnier BB cream and powder foundation on top. I found the Garnier BB was thinner, more like a moisturizer consistency. I have oily skin so that is a big issue with makeup sliding off The makeup artist had similar skin and suggested the Tarte BB treatment. It has SPF and has a thicker coverage and keeps skin matte. She applied it on and I have to say it lastest all afternoon and late into the night so I'm sold. Go try it out in Sephora and wear it for a day-it's the best way to know!