September 11, 2013

Protein Bakery Review- Sweets that Pack a Punch!

Disclosure: Protein Bakery provided me with an assortment pack of their products. I received no monetary or other compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.

Today is one of those days to celebrate the good in people and thank first responders while also remember the tragedy of 9/11 and all those who were lost 12 years ago. I'm sure like me, you will never forget where you were when you heard the news. It's hard not to get upset, especially when I live fairly close to NYC, PA, and DC but try to reflect and be grateful for all that you have. 

On a lighter note, be sure to check me out on This Crazy Life of Mine because I'm highlighted today as part of Nanci's "Runners Who Rock" feature! Woohoo!

I'm sure you all know that I have a massive sweet tooth. I always save room for dessert and always have some sort of sweet treat at night whether it be some dark chocolate, frozen yogurt,healthy cookies or a mug cake! I was beyond excited to be able to review some products from the Protein Bakery. I was even more excited when I opened the box and saw that they had sent me an entire assortment box to try! 


These products are awesome because they are baked treats that are made from natural ingredients, wheat free and low in gluten (yay!), have added whey protein isolate, and taste great. Seriously, I wouldn't be promoting a brand of sweet treats that tastes like cardboard. I don't mess around with my desserts, people. The brand also makes all their products in small batches from scratch and was started by a group fitness instructor!

A peek inside the box I received-wrapped in cute polka dot tissue paper!
Their ingredient lists for all their products are here if you want to take a look, but they are fairly simple which is what I always look for.   They are still definitely treats to be enjoyed in moderation, which has been hard with this big box of them staring at me, but my favorite the chocolate chip brownie only has 8g of sugar and 11g of protein! It is great to know that your dessert can satisfy your sweet tooth and pack a protein punch as well!

Some of the products I've already tried are the mini black and white blondie, mini chocolate chip blondie, the chocolate chip brownie, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and peanut butter white chocolate chip cookie. All were pretty delicious, though I really like how much more moist the brownie was compared to the blondies and cookies.  Also I just really love chocolate, duh.


The Protein Bakery is currently running a "Show us your muscle!" promotion right now where anyone who orders some products (website is here!) can submit a photo to holding their Protein Bakery goodies for a chance to win a free baker's pick gift set and t-shirt along with getting their photo on Protein Bakery's website!

Show us your muscle!

If you still aren't convinced to try some Protein Bakery goodies, I'm giving you a chance to win a taste of Protein Bakery assortment of their brownies, blondies, and cookies worth $45.00! 
All you have to do to win is fill out the Rafflecopter by Friday, 9/13/13 at midnight! 

Then you can enter the "Show us your muscle!" promotion for free :) Sorry but the company can only ship within the mainland of the US and not to PO Boxes or APO addresses.

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All this can be yours!


  1. These look yummy!


    1. They are delicious for real! Even my boyfriend steals them from me!

  2. Replies
    1. They are so delicious and less guilty than regular baked goods!