September 27, 2013

Marathon Training Week 14 and Five Friday Songs

Still been trying to catch up on LIFE this week and will hopefully have a very productive weekend. I've got a recap of marathon training last week. Oh and by the way, the big race is 15 days away. Commence freaking out but trying to stay calm and healthy and keep pretending that I'm ready. I think I totally miscounted my training week numbering on these posts, sorry!


The Road to 26.2 -Marathon Training Week 14
Short runs: My training group did the hardest hill workout on the schedule with 5x each of the 4 hills. my quads and hamstrings were feeling SUPER sore from crossfit the day before so I didn't try to run too fast, just got the hill repeats done.  

Long Run- Saturday was the last longer run and another first-22 miles. OMG. One of the other local running stores was holding a Baltimore marathon course run which loosely covers part of the second half of the marathon course so my training group decided to join that run.  I ran to meet up with my group and run over to the start of the run. We had numbers and there were port-a-potties and water/gatorade stops on the course which was nice. It was a good practice run to start off running with a large crowd instead of my little training group posse. The run had some tougher hills and my group was running close to my MRP, so I just took it easy and stayed around 45 sec-1 min behind my MRP because there is NO reason to push myself and get hurt with so little time left in training.  The weather was really nice for running, and I felt good, besides getting tight and sore at the end.  I made sure to actually stop at water stops and drink some water or fill up my water bottles to stay hydrated.  I hit exactly 22.0 miles on my Garmin right when I stepped foot in front of my door. I have been recovering with Cellucor BCAAs and a tsp of l-glutamine powder which seems to be my magic potion because for the first time in a month, my legs weren't feeling awful and tight the rest of the day/next day :)

What was awesome last week:   I am focused on staying healthy and worked on stretching and recovering. Last week some weighted lunges on Monday had my legs SO sore all week. I took rest days on Thursday and Friday to ensure I'd feel good on Saturday's long run, and it worked!

What I need to work on this week: I need to work on drinking more water throughout the day and staying hydrated all week, not just the day before a big run!

I usually am always talking about my favorite foods and snacks, which will probably happen next week after I check out some of the Natural Products Expo East trade show in Baltimore this weekend.  I finally decided to start updating my iPod for the marathon since I've been running without music (!) for all of training. Here are 5 songs I'm LOVING that I've added!

My Five Friday Faves (music edition!) this week are:

1. Unbelievers- Vampire Weekend

I saw them play this live at Freefest last weekend, and it sounded awesome. 

2. Applause- Lady Gaga

This song is catchy and awesome to run to. I <3 Gaga. 

3. Reflektor- Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire's new albums is probably going to be epic. I love the 80s, synthy vibe in this song. 

4. Hold On We're Going Home- Drake

This song is a slower R&B jam but I love singing along to it. 

5. Give It 2 U - Robin Thicke feat. Kendrick Lamar

Do you have any new favorite workout songs? Any big plans this weekend? 


  1. Love working out to that Gaga song. I love her too :) I can't believe how close the race is!!! I think I am scheduled to volunteer at it, but now that I think of it, I haven't heard anything so maybe not ha.

    1. Well just grab a coffee and come cheer the runners on!

  2. I love the new Lady Gaga song too! Just added to my playlist :)

  3. I love me some Gaga and will be adding this for my fitness classes. I like Anthem by Filo and Peri and Can't Hold us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

    1. Ah Macklemore is great too! I'll have to download the other song!

  4. If I wasn't running my half at home that weekend I would totally be cheering you on during the race! I am so excited for you especially after a crazy long run like that! I mean, if you ever need someone to feast with after I'm your girl.

    1. Yes lots of post race celebrating (if I survive the race it may last all week!)

  5. Love Lady Gaga's new song! Counting down to race day is exciting. Trust your training :)

    Thank you for linking up with Fitness Friday! Would you mind helping spread the word by using the button in your FF post or on your sidebar? Thanks so much!

    1. I'll definitely represent Fitness Friday! I just need to remember that all the work is done!

  6. So cool that you are using Branch Chains and Glutamine to aid recovery! Supplementation can really have its benefits.
    It can be hard to consume enough water throughout the day. Sometimes you really have to think about it, but what a difference in makes in not only staying hydrated but in keeping your muscles full and aiding in digestion.
    Best of luck in your race!! Your training is done at this point.. just time to freshen up your legs as much as possible and enjoy every moment!!
    Found you on Fitness Friday and I am glad that I did!


    1. Thanks for following me! It's one of the few supplements I've tried wear I see a major affect. Thanks so much-I'll need all the luck I can get!