September 6, 2013

Friday Favorites 9/6/2013

Well we made it to Friday, and I think every week should be a short week. Who's with me? Work was still crazy, ugh, but at least I have a couple days to regroup (after I do my homework!). It's that time again to share some of my favorite things from this past week!

Favorite Snack- Skinny Cow Snickerdoodle Sandwiches


Don't berate me for buying these Skinny Cows even though they have some sugar and processed ingredients or whatever. Who cares, they are a yummy snack. I am usually a pint of ice cream or frozen yogurt kinda gal, but I impulsively picked a box of these up as I made my way through the frozen aisle at the grocery store this week.  They are SO delicious that my boyfriend and I have almost worked our way through the entire box. It's a limited edition flavor of cinnamon ice cream between two soft oatmeal cookie layers and tastes amazing. It actually takes a couple bites to eat and has been an awesome snack this week. 

Favorite Activity- Watching football again

Ravens @ M&T Bank 
Football is an awesome sport. It's pretty ridiculous that people just hit each other and try to move a ball up and down a field, but there's something nice about the ritual of people getting together and watching sports.  I loved getting together with friends last night to watch the Ravens (don't ask for a recap, eek) and enjoy some pumpkin beers, along with some homemade pumpkin bread I brought over. Let's see what those E-A-G-L-E-S! EAGLES! (my first football love) bring to the table this week. 

Favorite healthy recipe to try ASAPChicken, Kale, and Quinoa Soup from Cooking Light here

Slightly cooler temperatures and all this talk about autumn have me craving warm soups again. Soups are easy to make and super satisfying so I've pinned a bunch of soup recipes lately. This recipe looks easy to follow and is a great way for me to use up some of that kale that is sitting in my fridge.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

Favorite recent purchase-  Sorel winter boots
Let it be known that I dislike winter and the cold weather (I'm very cold sensitive). I think snow is pretty and fun to play in but dislike when it : 1. It gets dirty and doesn't melt 2. It makes driving to work or anywhere awful 3. It does not get me a snow day off from work.  

Supposedly after a few mild winters, this upcoming winter is supposed to be full of precipitation. Since I only have a pair of beat up fUggs (fake ugg-style boots) and a pair of rainboots that serve as my winter boots, I splurged on some Sorel winter boots that were marked down to half price. 

I've been lusting after cute Sorel winter boots for a while because they are pretty while also functional. I ordered this pair online (free shipping!) and can't wait until they arrive! 

Favorite thing that makes me smile- "Mini Dachshund bath time" video found here

I saw this video online this morning and am in love. I love dachshunds because they are so cute, excited about life, and have short legs. These two are MINI dachshunds too which makes it even more awesome because mini animal=AWWWW. These two in the video trying to jump into the tub and then swimming around is too cute. Enjoy. 

Do you have any big weekend plans? What is your favorite type of dog?


  1. No judgement on the Skinnycow ice cream sandwiches...I bought some last week too. Need to find the snickerdoodle flavor yum! I'm glad Sunday Funday is back. Though I'm a Jets fan that excited should last for at least 3 weeks (if we are lucky LOL). Love the dachshunds video. Too cute! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

    1. Sunday Funday is the best. Although waking up Monday morning can be tough! Thanks for the blog love!

  2. I LOVE SKINNY COW ICE CREAM SANDWICHES! I've never had the snickerdoodle kind but they are officially on my grocery list for tomorrow. That sounds so good. I hope safeway has them...Are you still doing color me rad on Sunday?!

    1. Yes, I really want to try the mint ones next! No :( I was supposed to do it with some people but they couldn't. I'll be hanging in Baltimore on Sunday as usual!

  3. THE BATH TIME IS SO CUTE. gah what an amazing video

  4. No weekend plans other than going to watch my daughter cheer this morning. Oh. Wait. I'll also be counting the hours until my doc appt on Mon to see if I get the go ahead to return to running. How could I forget that?!?!