July 25, 2013

Bmore Blends Meetup and Marathon Training Update Week 4&5

Time for a marathon training week 4&5 update, but first I wanted to give a little shout-out to my (newly named!) Bmore Blends ladies that I met up with on Monday night for a little happy hour hangout at the The Rowhouse Grille organized by Caitlyn . Thanks to both!  Only half of the list of Baltimore blogger ladies below could make it there, but it was nice to talk to some awesome people with similar interests and put some faces to people's blogs I read! I was a little nervous that it would be awkward meeting up and because I'm shy around new people but it ended up being a great time.  I definitely have some new people to run and hang out with in the future!

Back: KerryJessMeganDaniKait
Front: BrittanyKate,Caitlyn, me
I'm really excited to have another group of Charm City ladies to be friends with and do fun things with. It's hard to make friends outside of work when you're a busy twenty-something! These are some blogs you should be reading:
*Thanks to Kate for sending out the group photo to everyone!


The Road to 26.2 -Marathon Training Weeks 4& 5

Hills &Speedwork: Week 4 we did some speedwork again with mile repeats which felt great. Week 5 was so 3x hill repeats for 3 hills. I definitely prefer speedwork to hills but will need all the hill preparation I can get for the hilly Baltimore marathon!

Tempo Run- I don't really remember much of Week 4's tempo run but know it was a a hot and sweaty run in the afternoon.  For my Week 5 tempo run, it decided to thunderstorm in the afternoon again so I was stuck doing some tempo intervals on the treadmill. It went by pretty fast and I pushed myself at the end of the marathon pace middle portion of the run which felt good. 

Long Run- Week 4 was a great 13 miles at a trail near a local reservoir. It was different running outside with few cars and lots of of serene nature scenery.  It was one of those mornings where I woke up later, realized the car had no gas, and made it to the run late since I had to drive a bit out of the city.  I managed to catch up to the group and actually had a pretty nice run. Week 5 I missed the group long run due to the crossfit competition to I made it out to do a little over 10 Monday morning before work. It wasn't the 13 on the schedule, but I'll take it! The morning was overcast so it was actually a pretty nice run around the city on no particular route.  

What was awesome last week:  I was really consistent about writing out my training plan and sticking to it last week. I got in all the workouts I wanted to, along with some foam rolling!

What I need to work on this week: This week I need to work on properly fueling my body. I've gained a few pounds since starting training, which sucks when I need to be in a bathing suit this weekend and next week, but my body needs more food to make it through a marathon! I'm trying to work on eating proper and larger meals/snacks not only before and after workouts, but also throughout the day.  I also am trying to keep how much I eat consistent because I'd feel great during the week and then want to eat everything in sight after my long runs on the weekend. I'm going to do a fuel discussion post next week after I try this out a little longer. 

Here's a helpful chart for pre/post workout fuel I saw on stupideasypaleo.com! 


Have you ever met up with other bloggers or internet friends in real life? How do you reel in exercise hunger?


  1. Thats so awesome you were able to meet up with a bunch of your local bloggers, something I would love to do! I have met a few bloggers in person and it was so great to meet people and see they are just as nice and fun as they seemed online (well, most of them). definitely a great way to meet like minded people who enjoy the same things you do.

    I'm still trying to figure out reeling in exercise hunger. My problem is I work out at different times every day so my eating schedule is never the same either- makes it difficult to try and control sometimes!

    1. It was really nice to meet them! I think that's my problem too-I never can properly plan for snacks and such!