June 12, 2013

Road Trip Healthy Snacking

Guess what everybody, I'll be away on a mini vacation again from blogging because-I'm going to BONNAROO!  
I'm super excited to live like a hippie and see acts such as The Lumineers, Paul McCartney, Passion Pit, Macklemore, and Grizzly Bear (and a ton others but I'm not going to list them all for you because that would be boring)!

The past two days have been filled with packing everything I'll need for a 4 day camping trip including some healthy snacks. I know I'm definitely going to indulge in the food vendors they have there and many adult beverages with not so much exercising.  I wanted to pack some healthy snacks to grab for the car ride and to keep on me during the day so I'm not eating french fries for every meal :)

Here's some things I've packed that are great for roadtrips, vacations, camping, or music festivals!

1. Easy Grab and Go Snacks:

-fruit: bag of apples, bananas, and other handheld fruit such as peaches
-trail mix or nuts (I love the 100 calorie packs of cocoa roasted almonds!)
-baby carrots and celery (goes great with hummus!)

2.  Portable Drinks-besides water (and lots of it)

-protein powder to mix in a blender bottle
-tea bags-stop at gas stations for hot water  to make green tea instead of loading up on coffee while still getting a caffeine buzz for long drives
-coconut water I'm loving Zico chocolate and the Zola pulp-free coconut water! (review to come soon)

3. Homemade Snacks

-homemade granola bars (These tropical bars are going down in my kitchen tonight!)
-Protein muffins
-or one of my favorite mini snacks Healthy PB Protein Bites!
here's a recipe I've been using lately that I think works great!


I'll be back next week but follow me on instagram and twitter (@BreatheBlog) for updates :)

What are your favorite road trip or camping snacks?


  1. Easy Open Fish pouches or cans are my go-to when I am on the go... I also make some pre-cooked grass-fed beef hot dogs, and I always brings things in tupperware & tinfoil! Without tupperware and tinfoil, I don't know what I would do! lol

    1. Ah good idea-I think I have some of the tuna pouches lying around for easy lunches. Tupperware is the best-but the worst to store in cabinets haha!

  2. Your recipe looks awesome! I wonder if I have the ingredients on hand to make them today :)

    1. Thanks tweet me and let me know how it goes!

  3. Sounds like a great line up...seeing Paul McCartney will be pretty cool! Safe travels and chat soon! xo Tara

    1. Thanks, glad for a little vacation and trying to relax enough about having week off from really exercising!

  4. Ohh... bonneroo. Sounds SO FUN!

  5. bonnaroo will be amazing! holy crow. have a great roadtrip - i never thought about bringing my own tea bags - you're a smart cookie! mmmm....cookies!

  6. I have sooooo many healthy bars and snacks that I love. Right now B-Amazing bars, Core Foods bars for breakfast, Raw Crunch bars, Kind bars, Picky Bars. Also, raw cashews, almonds, nut butter pouches, fruit... Have a great time!