May 6, 2013

Quarter of a Century

Guess what all, Cinco de Mayo= my birthday and this year I turned a quarter century old.  YIKES!


Turning old (yes old, not older) scares me because I feel like my twenties have been so full of change and uncertainty. Age is just a number but fear pushes me to try things I never thought I would or was afraid to before because I want to live life to the fullest and be happy.

5 Things I Love That I've Done In the Last 5 Years(Because 25 would take me all month to write)

1.  Lived away at university and had some wild and crazy times while I was young and stupid but had good people watching my back.

2. Tested multiple career interests out.  I've tried out multiple jobs and possible fields of interest throughout internships in college and two full-time jobs I've had out of school. Some days I'm frustrated that I didn't automatically start with the ultimate job I want, but I'm glad to have taken the time to find what I want to do. You never know where  life leads you and picking a dream career out of the air without actually doing it is unrealistic!

3.  Went on a crazy last minute vacation to Scotland . I went my best girls in college to crash on our friend's couch, who had been studying abroad. It was great to just buy a plane ticket and have a little overseas adventure.

4.  Found a passion for running and health/fitness. I still have a massive sweet tooth but have learned about balancing the treats with what makes my body feel good and properly fuels it. Running has become a great source of pride, competition  and stress-relief. Who would have thought 3 years ago that this girl would have run 4 half marathons (all sub-2 at that!)?

5. Have prioritized my time in my life. Still working on this , but my time is more precious now with lots of work and school sometimes, etc.  I'm spending time with my friends who matter, going to activities that I want to go to, and realizing that I can't do everything or be everywhere. This also includes adding me time to watch crappy TV, get my nails done, and relax. I think realizing your priorities is an important part of growing up. For my birthday yesterday I pretty much did nothing which has been a change from my super busy weekends!

5 Things I Hope to Do Before I'm Thirty

1. Finish a full marathon (signed up for October, but still makes the list!)

2. Get into a Masters program and then get settled into the career I want to be in (occupational therapy!)

3.  Accept my body and self more each day.
I've heard from multiple people that your twenties are full of insecurity and you can become more self-accepting and self-loving, or at least not so self-deprecating and insecure in your thirties.  I've grown a lot in this area but still have a ways to go as a young female because it's hard, especially when I see abs on abs online everyday!

4. Stop waiting for the right time and go travel to places I want to go.
Right now I'm waiting for more money and more time to go travel abroad and even to places in the U.S. There is never going to be a right time, I just need to make it happen and it's been a while since I've gone somewhere new.

5. Continue to push anxiety and negativity out of my life and do what makes me happy without worrying what others will think.

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