May 9, 2013

Keep Smiling!

Well last weekend was my birthday which was fabulous, though I do miss celebrating them at home with my mom who gets me birthday balloons and puts a birthday place mat at my seat at the table. Yes, I like pretending I am 5, not 25 :) I got a little blue box (another one! So lucky!) from my favorite guy which had a really elegant, simple ring along with some coconut gluten-free waffles on my birthday morning.  Oh and a nose piercing happened finally :) I definitely don't have a problem celebrating my birthday and treating myself! 

My birthday involved one too many adult beverages like these
Keep Smiling-Birthday

and sweets including these amazing lavendar honey goat's milk doughnuts with coffee ice cream. What?!

And then some sushi dinner happened this week. And then skipping a workout to go see Iron Man 3.  I was feeling anxious yesterday because I should be hitting the gym and clean eats hard after a bunch of dinners out this past week. I also didn't feel like going grocery shopping on my birthday after a late night out so I've been buying my lunch at work and not drinking enough water.

Then I stare at my teeny bikini from Victoria's Secret I bought, just hanging on the wall to remind me that bikini season is around the corner.  Instead of beating myself up though, I remember that healthy living is a lifestyle and should just happen. Yes there are conscious decisions made but there are way more important things to stress out about than eating so-so one week and missing a few workouts. And I did get in 2 AM workouts this week so far so GO ME. Healthy living isn't something I can fail at or need to start over. It's something that goes on as long as I'm living so I just need to eat some greens and get in a good sweat to balance out the martinis and cupcakes.

Keeping exercising enjoyable is important- that's why I'm doing my first Color Run in Baltimore on Saturday. It's not about my time or how many calories are burned. It's about being happy and getting covered in a rainbow of color with all my friends.  If you are having a rough week or feeling a little down, smile and move on. Today is a new day!

Have you ever done a Color Run? 


  1. I'm glad you celebrated your birthday the right way, by treating yourself! I always try and treat myself for my birthday, its a great feeling.

    I did a color vibe run last fall with a friend and it was fun. It wasn't really a 'run' so much as shuffle from color station to color station and have a blast with your friends but hey better than not walking 3 miles right?

    1. Yeah my boyfriend doesn't run so I told him he'd be fine walking!

  2. Have fun this weekend. They are predicting thunderstorms for those of us in the Baltimore area. At least you will be done with your race in 30 minutes. I'm doing a half down in Fulton and am dreading the 2+ hours for me of running in the rain.

    Oh, those donuts look yummy. From where did you get them?

    1. Yeah I'm hoping the weather holds out, we'll see! Good luck with the Maryland Half. I almost signed up for that one! The donuts are from Salt, a fabulous restaurant in Fells Point in Baltimore!

  3. I did the color run in Seattle last year. It wasn't my favorite course, but it was still a good time! Plus, I was coaching two of my co-workers through their first ever 5k's so that made it even better!