March 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursday 3/28/13

Hello all, how are you doing this Thursday? I'm looking forward to maybe some warmer spring days this weekend.  Last night I got back from a stressful day of work and laid down for a 30 minute power nap which turned into over an hour because my boyfriend didn't wake me up! I was going to go the gym but felt really awful and groggy so instead made a quick dinner and stretched and foam rolled. I felt really guilty but am working on listening to my body.  If I can get a good night sleep tonight, I can work out tomorrow and crush it! Remember to listen to your body, people!

Without further adieu, here is another bunch of things I'm loving this Thursday! 

1. Song I love right now-Lost in my Mind by the Head and the Heart

I rediscovered this album this week and have been obsessed. They have beautiful harmonies and sweet lyrics.  I especially love the acoustic/live version of this song.

2. Snack of the week-MaraNatha crunchy almond butter

This by itself, or with an apple, or on a van's gluten free apple cinnamon waffle has been my go to snack this week. I must show self control because it is so tasty! 

3. Pair of shoes I'm coveting this week-Keds for kate spade new york "kick" sneaker from Nordstrom
Super cute and comfy Keds and bright colored chevron-I'm sold. My birthday is soon if you were looking for a gift :)

4. Recipe I'm excited to try this week- Lemon Almond Meal Scones from Ari's Menu

This recipe looks like the perfect treat to make for Easter morning brunch! I also love that they are vegan and gluten free and only take around 20 minutes to make. I'll try them out on my family and report back!

5. Favorite recent purchase of the week- GapFit gFast power capris

As much as I covet the pretty Lululemon tops and other fancy running clothes, it's not in my budget to be buying them on the regular.  I find a lot of running/fitness clothes at Marshalls, Old Navy,and on sale racks. Recently I've fallen in love with this pair of Gap capris I got on sale at a Gap Outlet store this past weekend. The ones I have have a little more mint green on the side and look just like this pair I love by Lululemon for way less.  The ones picture can be found here, but always check for sales and coupons at Gap! 

What is snacks and recipes are you digging this week? Any good Easter brunch or dessert recipes you've come across?


  1. I've the the creamy almond butter but need to find the crunchy one :) And those scones sound amazing!

    1. This was the last Maranatha jar of any kind on the shelf so it was fate!