January 8, 2013

Random Tuesday Musings

Whew. Last week I was still in a funk after the holidays. My sleep is off, and I'm trying to set a new routine for the gym where I go mostly in the mornings so I can take a class in the evenings if I want, but there is no pressure. Right now I leave work, take the bus home, eat a snack, workout, cook dinner with the boyfriend, and then sit down to relax and watch some Netflix and it's practically 10 PM (aka when I should be going to bed soon). It's stressful so I'm ready to try to change that-tomorrow (today was a sleepy morning!).

Last night for dinner I was tired so I remembered something I found on Pinterest and it turned out to be so fabulous.  Coconut Oil Roasted brussel sprouts with cashews and raisins. You MUST try this recipe.  I had mine with sauteed balsamic tempeh and the boyfriend had his with some beef.  I ate the leftovers for lunch and it was just as delicious.  I want to add dried cranberries instead of raisins the next time I make it. It was a nice way to switch up my usual roasted brussel sprouts with just EVOO and salt and pepper!

I'm also loving right now the book It Starts with Food. It's been all over the interwebs and healthy living blogs, twitters, etc. so I picked it up.
(image from Whole 9 Life site)

I tried (did not finish!) a Whole30 a month ago and it taught me that my IBS problems are linked to gluten/wheat in some sense, so I've cut back on them but am not truly paleo since I still enjoy some red wine and greek yogurt! I don't think full paleo is right for me but it's nice to read the book and learn some science behind food and diet (yes, I'm a science nerd).  It's really easy to read and understand so far -I'll let you know how the rest is when I finish it!

I also am stoked because the gorgeous but pricey Target Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection is 70% off right now! My boyfriend surprised me with the gorgeous Alice + Olivia luggage

(photo from Target.com)
I love how the luggage is super funky and would be so easy to spot at luggage claim! After he told me about the sale we went back and got him the men's sweater, the thermos, the serving tray, hipster cookie cutters, and then Proenza Schouler sweatshirt I've been sporting.

What I'm most excited about using is also the Diane von Furstenberg yoga mat. It's pretty thick foam and has a super cute matching carrying case.  A new stylish mat is just the thing to get me started doing yoga regularly again I think!

Check out the sale before it's all gone!

Lastly, after doing Round 3 of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp I decided to sign up for Round 4. It'll be a great way to start the new year before I get into a heavy running routine prior to spring races! I'll let you know how it goes soon.

What are you loving lately?


  1. Have you read Wheat Belly? We were doing the 80/20 Paleo pretty successfully as a family but could never keep my husband FULL...so know I just concentrate on whole foods and go very easy on wheat products (as in once or twice a month). I've done two rounds of Whole30 and <3 it as a "get focused" exercise.

    **from BBBC**

  2. I don't have enough will power to try the whole 30 but try to eat as clean asi can between fro yo stops! ;)

  3. @Kristen, Wheat Belly is on my list to read! I pretty do the same-wheat every once in a while but definitely far less than I used to. I cheated a bunch during my Whole30 but at least being in that mindset was helpful and made me more conscious of my food choices!

    @Kat-I love your blog, btw! Yeah, I cheated during my whole 30 and right now and trying to eat clean (like most fitness people nowadays) and definitely treat myself to froyo and wine and the occasional cupcake :)