November 3, 2012

Bootcamp and Food Guilt

Hello all! I'm just finishing my 2nd week of Round 3 of  Tina Reale's Best Body Bootcamp! (More info at  It's been great for me because after running my first two half marathons in September and October (WOOHOO!), I'm looking to take a few months to really start strength training more to get toned for the holidays! I love having a plan to tell me what exercises to do and learning to try new things because usually 

I stick to the basics in the gym i.e. bicep curls, tricep dips, deadlifts, etc.  Moves like the scorpion or wall squats have been challenging but it's fun to try to up my weights and get a good sweat on. So far, I highly recommend signing up for the next round if you get the chance!

Halloween weekend was hard for me. I had a low after going out last Saturday and drinking booze and then binging on candy corn and chocolate. Then I just dwelled on how awful I am and bad I look and how it's all my fault.  I need to stick to the MyFitnessPal calorie  goals while minimizing treats.  I know it is unreasonable to just suddenly start eating extremely 100% clean eats so I'm going to focus on ENJOYING one "cheat" a week and allow myself to  balance out some less healthy things I love with more veggies and lean protein.

 I don't really like the word cheat because I believe in having some things in moderation, and I associate cheat with something bad which makes me feel guilty.  Today I treated myself to a pumpkin cupcake with chai icing which was delicious. 

The biggest thing I'm focusing on is getting over food guilt. I've had many moments over the past few months where I binge a bit or eat something unhealthy and then I'm crying to my boyfriend saying how awful I feel or how I have no self control.  This month I'm focusing on enjoying things that are treats and moving on.  It has to be about balance for me.  I'm a real person trying to living a healthy and happy life, not a model or a fitness competitor or pro athlete.  I'm just trying to drop 5 pounds before the holidays and help myself to lead a healthier life. 

 I'm so thankful for the Best Body Bootcamp community support and the Sweat Pink Ambassador community.  Both remind me that most of struggle with the same issues and that people (even virtually) care and support each other in the path to finding health and happiness.

I saw a lot of people writing out their November goals for accountability so I decided to do the same!

November Goals:
1. Drink 1 gallon of water a day.
2. Eat consciously and limit snacking between meals.
3. Allow one "cheat" treat a week.
4. Keep logging food and try to focus on mostly clean meals.
5. Be positive about myself!


  1. I can so identify with the food guilt. I feel like it is so insidious that we get stuck and it just leads to a case of the f it's. For today I am also keeping it simple and practicing more compassion. I am working on the willingness to track my food and drink more water.

  2. yay on your november goals! they are awesome! good luck! Drinking a gallon of water a day is def tough. I tried to do that and I had to pee every 2 seconds.. it got so annoying haha.

  3. Those are great goals!! I have the worst food guilt too. Candy corn is my weakness this time of year (and Starburst Jelly Beans around the Easter holiday). I actually threw away what I had left of the candy corn because I just didn't want to feel bad about eating it anymore. Plus I definitely had my fill. :)

    For drinking a gallon of water -- one thing that really helps me is to drink out of a Nalgene bottle (32 ounce). You only need two of them! :)

    1. I have a Nalgene. I'm great at drinking one bottle full during work but usually have trouble finishing the second. Candy corn is my weakness too! I've only got a few left, thank god!

  4. You are so brave for admitting your food guilt. Some women feel like we have to keep it together all the time, when we are all struggling with the same things.

    Spend an entire day eating clean and having a great workout. Before you go to bed, think about how strong, in control and healthy you felt that day. Use that feeling to get you through those "weak" moments. And if you give in - TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY. SERIOUSLY.

    Good luck and I'm glad you are enjoying #BestBodyBootcamp as much as I am!!