April 24, 2020

Things That Made Me Happy This Week #2

Hello? It's me! Remember when I blogged! Since people seem to be online more now that we are all self-isolating due to coronavirus I figured I'd write some more blog posts. I work in a hospital so I'm an essential employee, but find myself feeling like doing nothing but watching Netflix and surfing the web and Instagram. You can check out my happenings and eating habits via Instagram

To recap (since I've only posted in this series once before), instead of Five Friday Favorites I'm changing this series to "Things That Made Me Happy This Week" inspired by a segment on one of my favorite podcasts Pop Culture Happy Hour on NPR. So in these strange times, here is what is making me happy this week: 


1. High waist cotton bike shorts via Target

When I'm not in my scrubs lately I am living in 2 pairs of joggers, a tie dye long sleeve tee, and old race shirts. I just purchased these cotton high-waisted seamless bike shorts from Target online on a whim and LOVE them. They are a steal at $11.99 and are so comfortable. I am a size 6 and the S/M fits great. They aren't too short and would look great with a graphic tee and sneakers whenever I go out into the world next.  

2. Saje Peppermint Halo Roll-On

I received a mini Peppermint Halo roller in my goodie bag from the Seawheeze Half Marathon in 2016. I am obsessed with it for headache relief. Lately because of wearing masks all day and other PPE at work, I haven't been drinking enough water so I've been getting dehydration (and probably stress-related) headaches. It is made with essential oils including peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. This is minty and cooling. I roll it over my temples and forehead and find some instant relief and a little bit of zen.  

3. Parks and Recreation Cast to Reunite for Scripted Special in Aid of COVID-19

YASSSSSSS. I'm a big Parks and Rec fan (it's on Netflix, watch it if you haven't!) so this announcement is making me very happy. 

4. Future Nostalgia album by Dua Lipa

Ever since this album dropped, I have been listening to it on repeat. I listen to it when I'm running, cleaning, dancing in my apartment, when I'm in the shower or getting ready, and anytime else I want some fun dance music. It is fully a dance-pop, disco-pop album that is super cohesive. I love all the songs on it, and it is a catchy album I listen to from beginning to end. My favorite songs from the album this week are "Hallucinate" and "Levitating". We all need some fun dance music in our life right now. You can check it out here on Spotify.

What is making YOU happy this week? Any good Netflix or music recommendations for me? 


  1. I've been thinking of you every time you pop up on my Twitter feed <3 Thanks for everything you do as an essential worker, especially an essential worker in a hospital! Lots of love and prayers for safety and health to you <3 <3 <3

    I am SO EXCITED for the Parks & Rec special this Thursday!! Parks & Rec is my favorite show, and I am STOKED to have a new episode. We need Leslie Knope in a time like this!!

    Are you a Broadway fan at all? If so, I know this will sound ridiculous, but the Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical is genuinely 100 times better than you'd expect it to be. Like, I straight up love it. I thought the musical (and the music) would be a joke, but it's honestly awesome. It's not even half as childish as you'd expect. I also highly recommend the Six soundtrack - another fabulous show with really, really great music. And both are pretty upbeat, which is good with *gestures wildly* all of this going on.

    1. This got caught in my spam folder of comments so here I responding 6 months later! Thank you so much for all the love. I was a bigger Broadway fan in college but still listen to some of the major musicals. My sister LOVED the Spongebob musical so I'll have to give it a try. I already know about Six which I really like the soundtrack!

  2. I could've written this list! My yoga teacher recently got me into peppermint oil and whenever I smell it I'm automatically uplifted! Plus Parks & Rec is life (so is Target to be fair!).

    1. That's awesome! I agree about Target-so dangerous for my credit card though!